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pirate writing ideas

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by starsinthesky, Feb 10, 2010.

  1. Our current plan is Pirates (and a bit of fairies) and I usually theme the literacy & numeracy areas of the nursery according to the plan. For numeracy so far I've made pirate clothes washing line, treasure chests and gold coins for counting/number recognition and pirate playdough mats.
    For literacy, I'm not sure of anything speciifically pirate-y that woudl be menaingful for writing for this age - the older, more able children sometimes like having a go with topic words, which as one of the literacy outcomes is to do with new vocab I thought I would make with them, but for actual "pieces of writing" I've only had vague ideas about a log book...which I don't think they would really understand. Any ideas for this area (or indedd the nuemracy or other thinsg pirate-y!)

  2. Ibuzzybea

    Ibuzzybea Occasional commenter

    Pretend the pirates are stuck on an island and need help, send out a message in a bottle to ask other pirates for help, or send messages to their families because they have been on the boat so long! Children write messages and then send them out by throwing them in the sea on another day/ later other children find the bottle and open up and read the message.

    Write landmarks on treasure maps.

  3. Thanks, that's a start, I had vaguely thought of messages in a bottle but that helps....I'll maybe introduce it with a group then leave it on the writing table for free access. Now to collect enough bottles!

    The treasure map thing also good, they already are drawing away so maybe can have a go at "writing" as well.
  4. clues for finding the treasure, set up clues around the school for them to find so they get the idea then get them to write clues. Label the treasure map - large pieces of paper (my boys love a massive piece of paper!), Oxford reading tree have a book called HMS Sweet tooth where the pirates end up stranded on a desert island. Recipes for pirate food, a pirate cafe.
  5. London1

    London1 New commenter

    Hi there,
    When I did Pirates last year with my Reception Class I did the following things for CLL:
    • Read the story The Wicked Pirates (Big Book) - children sequenced pictures of the story
    • Wrote a list of things a pirate would need
    • Labelled a picture of a Pirate
    • Created a wanted poster
    • Message in a bottle
    • Write a set of rules to be a pirate (Pirate Code)
    There is a great book called My World of Wicked Pirates by Meg & Lucy Clibbon which I used for ideas and adapted for the children.
    Have fun!
  6. Here's a link to the treasure maps / letters in a bottle that I did with my class:


    Also, try these out:

    ? Write a glossary of pirate words / phrases
    ? Label a pirate
    ? Pirate Menus - barrels of beer, mouldy biscuits etc
    ? Advert wanting members for a pirate crew
  7. OOPPs, sorry! That last photo was too big!
  8. When I did pirates I read a book called "The Indoor Pirates" - and some others from the series, then I based some writing and literacy around these. The class really liked the stories. I used them with year 3 but they would work with other years.

    "The Indoor Pirates" by Jeremy Strong.
  9. Thanks for the ideas, sorry, don't get a chance to check this as much as I should. I got a lot of pirate books (which they helped me choose from Amazon, if they had their way though I'd have spent a lot more) and naturally from there have done some things on new words they learned, treasure maps, pirate language. Numeracy things seem to have led out of this naturally too so we've done lots of direction & position to find treasure, and also an enterprise activity started!
  10. we did some labelling of pirates and pirate ships, they also designed and labelled their own pirate ship. we've done letters in a bottle and with my Y1's and ma rec we did some simple character descriptions. We also did treasure maps and the children had to label different features. i did pirate dictionaries with my y1's but you could adapt it and make a pirate word book maybe and story sequencing always goes down well.
    its a great theme, our kids have loved it!
  11. Ransom notes? :)
  12. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    For three-year-olds?
  13. Joke! (you know, the difference between school pirates and real pirates)

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