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Pips scores

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by thumbshrew, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. The school I worked at 6 years ago used to use Pips. Children were tested using a computer program and the scores were analysed at Durham University. Is this still the same? The maths test included written 'sums', which is the point at which many of our children dropped out of the test, because, although they could calculate, only a few knew the addition and subtraction signs unsupported. I thought it was a rubbish form of assessment - telling you very little and extremely limited in scope. Most of the test was unrelated to the EYFS, and certainly the assessment method was! If it is still the same in format and method I am amazed it is still used anywhere.
  2. Pow


    Thank you, it is still the same format!
  3. It's difficult to remember the scores now, but I certainly remember having some - - ones - soul destroying considering the progress these children had made. Overall I think there was a small increase in attainment compared to what was expected. I secretly traced this to a clever child who had joined half way through the year. In other words the overall results were average, but some children had made above average progress and some less than average (hmmm... sort of logical). The results showed a lot about the limitations of the test - using a computer program with zero hands on practical acivities advantages certain learners. In addition the types of questions did not tell you where the child was on the development matters. Also, what about assessment of CI learning, there was nothing CI about the test at all. These are the arguments I would use if I was in your position. Collate some evidence to show where the children are on the development matters and compare it to Pips scores - there's bound to be differences. Show her that the activities used in the test are not in the framework and are not required to be assessed on the profile, so the results are actually irrelevant.

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