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Pip,s scores

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by Pow, Jul 3, 2011.

  1. Pow


    I have been distraught over the value added, the children are above average when they come in but most of the value added is average , with some below and some above. My results are being discussed, I have given them my profile results as well. I will need to change my practise next year, we had our inspection 3 months ago and we got outstanding, the inspector was impressed with our profile results and didn't agree with pips.
  2. Please don't be distraught!
    If your value added is average presumably that means you have neither added value (by their definition), nor have you subtracted value. As long as your above and below average scores also balance out.
    You got outstanding - you must be doing lots right!
    The inspector didn't like PIPs - good sense from Ofsted. Your profile results were impressive (proves PIPs wrong).
    You need to change your practice - yes, stop using PIPs.
    No need to wail and gnash teeth [​IMG]

  3. coaltown1

    coaltown1 New commenter

    Problems occur when the results are interpreted wrongly and teachers are blamed.
    One of our teachers attended a meeting headed by the person who 'invented' these tests. He said that there are 2 times in a person's life when they will make great progress - when they learn to walk and talk, and when they start primary and learn to read, write, count and add and subtract. Therefore the progress made from the beginning of P1 to the end of P1 will never be replicated in the rest of their school life.
    However, some heads are interpreting this as meaning the P1 teachers are outstanding whilst the rest of the school - whose PIPs scores never match those - must be failing somehow. Even the way the PIPs are administered are so different. In P1 they sit at a computer with their teacher in a quiet environment. In P3 they sit at individual desks in a strange classroom with a different teacher (not their own) and are given a big booklet with few pictures. They sit 2 tests.
    They are meant as an indicator of those children who may be under-achieving or needing extra support. Normally they match with the teacher's observation and have been identified as such already.

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