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Pinched nerve in my neck

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by derekdalek, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. derekdalek

    derekdalek New commenter

    Hi - has anyone had this problem? I have a pinched or trapped nerve in my neck and it driving me up the wall as its been going on for weeks. So far I have had the following:
    Paracetamol and codeine on prescription as I cant tolerate anything ibuprofen based
    Tramadol - works ok but too much makes me sleepy and thats no good for going to work
    Physio sessions, including acupuncture (didnt find it helped) and a tens machine (ouch, and didnt do much)
    Gentle stretches - ho hum
    Heat bag - one of those wheat filled bags that you heat in the microwave, nice effect but not long lasting
    Ice pack - same effect as the heatbag
    Does anyone have any ideas or stories to relate? Its really hard to write on my board at work and my arm gets really sore if I type too much. Im getting a lt of tingling in my fingers now as Im typing this!
  2. rouseau22

    rouseau22 New commenter

    Oh wow Derekdalek, I was just about to make this very post. I trapped a nerve in my neck last Tuesday and have been in howling agony since then. Anti inflammatories did nothing for it, when I went to the hospital on Good Friday after not being able to sit/lie down (and therefore sleep) for days and my hand having gone numb enough that I couldnt hold a spoon to eat the doc gave me Diazepam. It worked well after a few days and im down to grinding horror rather than omg im going to throw myself off a cliff. S/he probably wont want to give you it, but its good for getting everyhting to relax and 'come off the nerve' if youve bunched muscles pressing on it. Not sure you could teach whilst taking it though. -What year group are you btw?

    Have you seen an Osteopath? Theyre really good for this sort of thing. Mine works wonders.
    Didnt you get signed off with it to have time to recover?

    Apologies if the grammar/speeling etc is frinky, its late, my hand's like a flipper and im drugged off my face with painkillers. You have my sympathies, thats for sure xx
  3. rouseau22

    rouseau22 New commenter

    Derek, i'm a woman too!

    Poor us though, what a thing to happen! I can't even begin to imagine going into work yet, its still at the acute stage. How is your sleeping? Mine is about 2/3 hours max a night, just cannot get comfortable.

    How old are you/how long have you been teaching (just out of interest. Im 30 and been doing it for 4, nearly 5 years. Im in the nursery and had wondered if dragging litle metal bikes around etc had conribued, but if ur a big yr 11 eacher, then i gues it mustve been something else)

    Yeah, deffo take a wheaty bag in, they just feel comforting nd will top you hunching in pain and making ur problem worse.Has your school been good to you?

    PS, hows your physio working out for you?

    Rouseau xx
  4. Gardening Leaves

    Gardening Leaves New commenter

    Both of you off to a chiropractor or osteopath NOW!! If it's trapped it needs untrapping. It's worth every penny.
  5. derekdalek

    derekdalek New commenter

    Hi again
    Im 46 and have been teaching for a total of 7 years in secondary. I think this business is a combination of marking, writing on a board thats too high for me so I have to stretch and typing on computers tbh.
    I had to cancel yesterday's physio as I had a migraine and couldnt drive. So another fee added onto my excess bill..... I will go back during the week though as I have a couple of sessions left from the insurance company.
    I did see the GP who prescribed more tramadol and physio so I think once my physio sessions are over I will seek out an osteopath.
    School have been very good to me thank goodness, its one of the reasons I am very loyal to it as I am a diabetic and hav that affects my overall helath as you can imagine. It was diagnosed 3 years ago and has been very 'full-on', so its been good to have the support from them.
  6. rouseau22

    rouseau22 New commenter

    Gardening Leaves, youre right Osteopathy has been the only thing thats ever helped me when ive done it before. This time ive had far less luck with it, though i reckon it wouldve been much worse for much longer without his help.

    Derek, Im glad your school are supportive, as ive only worked at mine since jan ive no idea how theyll be.

    Can you see your self continuing in teaching if you cant resolve this issue?
    This is the third time in a few years this has happened to me, though its by far the worst incident. Im so worried it wont go away. Im 30, so its a long time till retirement. i know iknow im being negative, i just still in the big tearful 'omg i cant believe it' stage i think.

  7. derekdalek

    derekdalek New commenter

    I know how you feel, the constant pain makes you feel very low. However, I dont see it as career ending. Tbh, I cant afford to even go part time - I have two kids at uni and that will increase to three in October.
    I am trying to think of ways round the issues eg I am only using the bottom half of my board so I dont stretch so much and Im thinking that for feedback I will record myself speaking to groups of students. Everyone will have to say their name and class and I will give the feedback and record it as evidence.
    Im an mfl teacher so I have recording devices that are eadsy to use. Im just carrying on as best I can. Im in pain now, so Im not going to type too much. Managed to get an 8am appointment for physio for Weds, so hopefully it will help.
    Try to get some rest and hopefully you will feel less tearful ((( rousseau )))
  8. This happened to me a few years ago, went to physio and just ended up with a longer neck! Chiropracter or osteopath are your only hope (in my opinion!).
  9. rouseau22

    rouseau22 New commenter

    Hey everyone,

    Just to update, ive got an MRI apointment on Monday so hopefully I can find out why this keeps happening.

    Derek, have you been back to school yet? How has it been?

    I was feeling a bit brighter the last couple of days but suffered a massive and painful relapse last night. I'm really worried now, there's no way i'll make it back to work for Thursday, but what do I tell my doctor? Do you think he will give me another week? What if he says no, what do I do then?
  10. redgrape

    redgrape New commenter

    I've had problems with nerves in my neck which caused severe numbness in my arms & upper body, my Gp had a Ct scan done & then referred to a neurosurgeon who then did a CT mylogram (can't have MRI scans). Following results of that I found that I had three discs collapsed in my neck which was causing root nerve & spinal cord compression, my only option was fore surgery before things got any worse. I had surgery done - 3 discs removed & titanium plates put in with nerve root & spinal cord decompression done, thankfully the operation was successful & I no longer get the never ending numbness & pain but it as taken about 12 months to recover from it. I still get some issues but considering everything I feel good.

    I was told first option is physio & painkillers then they sometimes try cortisone injections before surgery is considered but mine had gone to far so missed those first steps out.

    I do hope you get some relief soon.

  11. rouseau22

    rouseau22 New commenter

    Wow Redgrape, poor you, that sounds horrendous! Glad you got it sorted though, the surgery sounds epic! Do you know why your discs collapsed? Are you back at school now. and were work ok? Im so worried my place are going to be funny with them when I dont go back this week.

    They gave me a cd of my mri images, looks like one of my disks has mushroomed out the side and is pushing on my spine which bending around it. Hoping against hope it just needs physio or something. seeing the consultant next week, wish it was tomorrow so I dont have to stress all week.

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