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Pilgrim Partnership SCITT 2011

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by tatyannantoine, Jan 4, 2011.

  1. Hiya, I too have an interview with Pilgrim Partnership on the 27th! From what I understand the main qualities they are looking for you to demonstrate are things like, good team player, good organisational skills and a genuine desire to teach... my plan is to show how I meet this criteria and mainly to relat and show my personality.... I am a bit apprehensive about the presentation tho, and am starting to prepare it already... Hope to see you there and best of luck x [​IMG]
  2. Hi there,

    i have just found out that i have got a interview on Feb 1st with pilgrim partnership, im so nervous! and am finding this presentation thing really stressfull! i dont really understand what they want us to do!

    Have you got any advice?!

    My email adress is jessicaheslop@hotmail.com

    thank you!!

    Jessica :)
  3. Hi Darling! I just wanted to say I loved your presentation- you looked so cool and professional! Well done!! I have been worrying about it since the invitation letter and have driven all mad with my practising it!! Now I'm worrying about what I said/did!!! Sorry I didn't check back on here - as I had no email notifications I presumed no one loved me!![​IMG] Best of luck and I hope we meet again soon!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Miow ha ha)!
  4. Hi Babe! just soooooo glad its over - I must say your presentation was very memorable, interesting and funny, you didn't look nervous at all [​IMG]

    I was the last to be interviewed, can you believe??? so I had a much longer time to be nervous! I think everyone did well, we all did our best anyway, I am hoping its good news tho, cos I can not imagine having to go through all this again for another provider [​IMG] xxx
  5. I'm sure that proves the saying they saved the best til last!! - Not sure what that says about me though!! Fingers crossed and everything else!! I could have said so much better things at interview, but hey, can't change it now and I always think that!! x[​IMG]
  6. Hi - I am alive - so just proves there is life after embarrassing presentations! I think the best I can say is be yourself - I did a humour type presentation - about my cat - everyone else was much more serious with a few smiles thrown in - I honestly don't know what they want. Tatania [*]was just brill - spoke for her 5 mins without looking at her notes - was professional and interesting - don't think that could be said about mine! - you can only do your best - - good luck, luv Suz x[​IMG]
  7. Hi Darling, Thanks for the compliment! I wasnt feeling terribly confident myself, I've spent the last week constantly checking my emails [​IMG].... Hopefully we'll be running the ract together xxx
  8. OMG me tooooooooooo! I'm soooo pleased - for both of us!!!!!![​IMG] - I have been telling everyone how fab u were! my email is suzipoos@sky.com - pls keep in touch!!!!
  9. Ooo I have an interview on the 10th February for the SCITT too! I'm just sat here trying to get my presentation in order, it took me SO long to think of a topic!

    Congratulations to the both of you though!
  10. hiya mate! Ive been given a conditional offer too....very happy as its my 2nd year applying and its so tiring and stressful! do you have a facebook? Be nice to get to know people im going to be on the course with xxx
  11. I have an interview on the 10th Feb too!!
    What topic did you decide on in the end? I'm still not sure about mine keep changing my mind.

  12. Hi Tattyana....do u have a facebook? be nice to get to know u as i am joining in spetember
  13. Hi lillyp, yes I am on facebook as tatyanna dontstopbelieving antoine - I know [​IMG]

    Good luck to all who have interviews coming up - I changed my presentation idea 3 times! but I would say just choose whatever topic you feel comfortable talking about as they are not just judging you on the content, and to be honest, everyone else is in the same boat [​IMG]
  14. Ive added u chickadee....be nice for us to get to know each other before we actually meet in september! well done on getting through....its an achievement initself. Im lilly primark perks on facebook just so u know...chat to u on there :-D xxx
  15. Hi christin! I too am about to do my interview with the Pilgrim Partnership, but want to teach all primary years like you. I asked for clarification that they train for you to just teach Key Stage 1, and they said that although you graduate with a PGCE to teach Key Stage 1, you can still teach Key Stage 2 as well! I'm finding this all a little confusing, and just wondered what they said to you when you asked, which made you decide to decline the placement.
    Really appreciate it if you can give your opinion!
    Kimberly :)

  16. niccin

    niccin New commenter

    Hi Everyone

    I've just found this website and forum. I have got a conditional offer for September too. I had my interview on 27th Jan and did my presentation on 'camping', (for those of you who remember!!!).
    I was just wondering if anyone has had their offer changed to 'firm' yet as I need to hand in my notice at work. I don't want to tempt fate and resign until it's a firm offer!!!!!

    Just to say, that everyone who attended the interview on the 27th did really well :) and it's great to see some of you on here.xxx
  17. Hiya
    I don't know if you even check this but I saw this forum all about pilgrim & I desperately need some advice & help!

    I have a pilgrim interview coming up in feb and wondered if you could give me some advice?

    Am stuck on what to do for my presentation? Also what kinda questions they ask in the interview? How many people re there etc?

  18. Hiya I desperately need some advice & help! I have a pilgrim interview coming up in feb and wondered if you could give me some advice? Am stuck on what to do for my presentation? I have no clue & beginning to panic! Also what kinda questions they ask in the interview? How many people re there etc?
    Really hope you can help!! Thanks Vix

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