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Pilgrim Partnership in Bedford

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by geordie boot boy, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm a newbie on here and was just wondering if anyone is doing the SCITT course with the Pilgrim Partnership in Bedford in September.
    It would be good to chat if you are........
  2. Hi all,

    I'm a newbie on here and was just wondering if anyone is doing the SCITT course with the Pilgrim Partnership in Bedford in September.
    It would be good to chat if you are........
  3. Hi,

    Are you definately doing the course there in September or thinking about it?

    I can answer questions on what it was like, preparation etc. E-mail is downhearted2@hotmail.co.uk

  4. *nic*

    *nic* New commenter

    i am hoping to apply to the pilgrim partnership SCITT for Sept 2008 and would be grateful for any advice/tips on what to expect at interview etc if either of you can help?
  5. Hi,

    I had my interview in February and the whole day was really good. Firstly you go and observe a class and make a few notes, then you do your presentation which is five minutes on any topic you want except anything to do with education. You then have to do some tests, numeracy, literacy and a science paper. I know I didn't do really well on these but they are just to show where you are lacking in subject knowledge.
    Next it was lunch time and we had a lovely buffet lunch provided for us. Then after lunch it was the interview. You got asked a few questions about the classs you observed in the morning and generally questions about what would you do in various situations. I must say the two women who interviewed were really nice and friendly and put you at ease straight away. I had a really good day and if every interview I have for a real teaching job is as good as that I will be extremely happy.
  6. Hey,

    I had my interview a while back so can't remember all that much about it I'm afraid. Just try to get as much experience in schools between now and when you apply so you can put that down as experience and use it to help you with your personal statement.

    One thing I will tell you now, is make sure you keep all of your lecture notes safe and take some as well. As the year goes on you'll find yourself keeping less and less, too be honest most of my cohort found that some of the lectures didn't helped all that much when I was there but maybe things have changed now as we evaluated each one at the end of each lesson. At the beginning of the year we were told that attendence at the lectures was enough as evidence that we have met the standards, but then we got told in May we had to hand all of our lecture notes in which doubled our work as most of the time, there was nothing to write down.

    I'll be putting my books on sale next week that I was told to buy for the course (too be honest I only brought what I absolutely needed), if you are interested let me know and I can let you have first refusal on them.

    Don't worry if you didn't do so well in the tests, it is just for subject knowledge, so you can keep track of how well you are doing etc.

    Good luck to both of you, make sure you get plenty of rest in your holidays, but read through the info that they send in advance. Oh and make sure you have a good supply of folders, printer ink etc as Pilgrim expect you to keep portfolio's so you cross reference standards to numbered pieces of evidence. It'll make sense when you receive your stuff!

  7. Hi Downhearted,

    I replied to your e-mail address with lots of questions. Hope you don't mind. Please let me know when you are selling your books, I would appreciate first refusal.
  8. Hi!
    Downhearted - I'm doing the GTP with them in September - would you mind copying me any info you have on them too? I know the SCITT and GTP are not the same but I know nothing about them at all, so anything would be good!
    my email is

    Just to know if I can expect any info, recommended reading lists etc before September would be nice, as so far I've heard very little since they said I was on the course and it's beginning to feel like a dream.
    Still waiting to hear which school I'm in and only know my key stage because I bugged them!
    Thanks to anyone who can give me any idea what to expect!!
  9. *nic*

    *nic* New commenter

    thanks for all the info, geordie boot boy the interview day sounds relatively ok actually!

    Firefox21 - can i ask you how much experience you had in school before applying for the GTP? i was thinking of applying for this with the pilgrim partnership but was told i need at least 6 mths work exp in schools which is just going to be impossible for me...

    downhearted - thanks for all the tips, i am starting work exp in a primary school next week (half a day a week cos that's all i can fit around my children) so i hope that will be enough for my application.
  10. *nic*

    Are you applying to the course for September still? The SCITT course is probably easier to get on to than the GTP as I think that only has 15 places maximum and will most probably be full by now, whereas the SCITT course takes 40 approx and there are normally still vacancies at this point.

    If you need any help with the application I'll be happy to give you a hand or read over your personal statment.

    BTW, you can check the vacancies on their website.

    Good Luck

  11. *nic*

    *nic* New commenter

    thanks downhearted... i am applying for entry in Sept 2008 as that will be the best time for me to fit in teacher training around my children and also gives me time to get some work experience before i send off my application this Sept!
    I think probably SCITT will be the best route for me but i was just interested to know how people got 6 mths work exp for the GTP (unless they were working as a TA or something?)
    I am beginning to think about writing my personal statement soon or at least get some ideas together for it!

    where are you now? are you working as a teacher?
  12. nic- I was a LSA for about 2 months, but that was five years ago. Before I applied I did 5 days experience in a school and when I got offered a place I was told it was on the condition that I did a further 3 weeks in school before the start date.

    I think the SCITT interview is something like a 10 min presentation on a subject of your choice, class observation (to talk about later) and audit tests (science, maths and english) which are not meant to count against you but to evaluate you for training purposes. They are really friendly and it is very laid back and welcoming.
    Good luck!
  13. I am about to start a temporary job next Monday (not in the county though), in KS2. I was going abroad in December so it wasn't worth looking for a job then, and then had to go away again in March due to my Nan being ill, so have been supplying.

    It's great you're already thinking about getting school experience, it'll help you decide which Key Stage you are most comfortable in.

    BTW, during the course, you'll most probably get stressed about getting a job for September etc, and it get's quite competitive between the trainees, but don't get drawn into that, most Sept jobs start being advertised after Easter, as the resignation deadline is the end of May. Beds run a good supply agency that you are able to register with and there are always last minute jobs, mid term jobs and of course jobs do come up at placement schools.

    Good luck with your application!
  14. *nic*

    *nic* New commenter

    thank you Firefox and downhearted for your tips and advice! just got to get on the course now!!! Still not sure whether to apply for the GTP and the SCITT - is it ok to do this do you think?

    Downhearted - good luck on Monday in your new job, hope it goes well.
  15. Hi all, would someeone who has had an interview with the pilgrim partnership be able to tell me what are the chances of being accepted on to the scitt course. Also from someone who has been on the interview how many others are interviewed and what sort of questions are asked at the interview. Thankyou would appreciate any replies.

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