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Pie Corbett

Discussion in 'Personal' started by impulce, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. Have just been on an INSET day led by Pie Corbett all about teaching writing and storytelling, and found it very inspiring. Its actually made me want to entirely change the way I was going to do Literacy this week, and I wasnt bored for one second!
    Has anyone else taken on board any of Pie's ideas - particularly in regards to story telling? Has it worked and encouraged your children to become better writers?
  2. Hello,

    I went on an INSET in January where Pie Corbett was the lead speaker. My year group partner and I (Year 5) have successfully implemented some of his ideas. We used the 'actions' and 'learning off by heart' ideas for poetry which worked brilliantly. When it came to the final piece of writing (writing a poem), there were only a couple of children who were still struggling with the structure of the poem and these two children were SEN children. Drawing pictures and re-enacting them through actions was also brilliant when we did a unit on Kensuke's Kingdom. The children got to know the story inside out and when it came to writing their own stories, the structure of a story (something they had previously found sooo difficult) came a lot more naturally to them.
    We have also used the 'magpie' idea very successfully where kids 'steal' words they like. My kids are now using words like elongated, tantalising and flirtatious (Romeo and Juliet!) in their writing! Of course, in Year 5 some of the magpie words can be difficult but we always make sure we look them up in the dictionary to get the sense of it, and I always make my kids use them in sentences which fit the genre of the text (for example, today when I was working with a guided group the rest of the class were putting magpie words into sentences 'in the style of' Romeo and Juliet.

    We have also successfully used spine poems at the start of literacy units - these work well as shorter writing tasks and can be differentiated easily.
  3. I heard him speak at a Literacy Co-ordinators' meeting last year. Our Year 4 teachers had already been on some of his training through the LA, so I'd been playing with bits of it.
    I love spending time on internalising text structrures, analysing text structures and language features (we love highlighter pens!) Story maps are great as prompts for oral re-telling, boxing up has worked well for planning (especially when we combined it with a timer - 5 minutes to write up each box!)
    It may SOUND dry, but it really isn't like that in practice - it's scaffolding their writing and that really helps..
    I really do think that I teach writing much more effectively these days and that the children write better as a result!
    C x
  4. henriette

    henriette New commenter

    can you contrive it that your y6s come to me in y7???????????

  5. Bit of a commute H...! But I could try and ask nicely...
    C x
  6. I did some oral story telling with the actions this week and my class have loved it - they are amazed that I dont have a book! The second time I did it, they were already joining in, and the third time I could just do the actions to some parts and they could continue it. They really enjoyed doing their story maps. Tomorrow im going to practice oral retelling from story maps and see if I can film any of them doing it. I really am enjoying it, and so are they
    I also tried out a little with a Y6 for 1:1 tuition, we read an introduction to an adventure story, discussed the structure and what made it an exciting introduction, and then re-wrote by almost copying but just changing key words, speech, places, objects etc. My tutee was really impressed with his writing afterwards and the way simple changes created a whole new story. Id nothing else it has given him more confidence, and than can only be a good thing.
  7. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    if i could get my yr 3's to write more than a simple sentence id be over the moon!

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