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Pie Corbett and novels in KS2

Discussion in 'Primary' started by chocochick, Sep 21, 2016.

  1. chocochick

    chocochick New commenter

    Hi guys - please, please help me!
    I am new to KS2 and im currently in Year. Our text this term is 'Charlotte's Web' and I am supposed to deliver it in Pie Corbett's Talk for Writing style. It contains 22 chapters!!!!
    Really unsure as to how I am going to read this to the chn and ensure their understanding. We have only 1 class text.
    Please tell me how you structure reading novels but carry out the Talk for Writing style.

    Many Thanks
  2. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    I'm not so familiar with Pie Corbett Talk for Writing but could you start by looking at some of the characters as an introductio?. Then look at character studies and what info the text gives to suggest those characteristics. The way they talk, move, act etc.
  3. slingshotsally

    slingshotsally Star commenter

    Hi there,

    Look on page 6 in this link and it is a losing and finding story, P13 there is a ref to Papa, I have only skim read it, though it gives ideas on progression in T4W

    Here is a time line- but I would be wary of following it, your school yr group teachers might have other plans.


    As you have only one copy of Charlotte's Web for the whole class


    This could be used from your computer to show on your Smartboard/ Promethean board.

    You might well be able to print it off...
  4. slingshotsally

    slingshotsally Star commenter

  5. chocochick

    chocochick New commenter

    Thank you Slingshotsally, that link is really helpful!!
    I think my main concern is how to fit in the reading of the novel, whilst following the 3 stages on the T4W . It seems it was so much easier with shorter picture books in ks1!
    My original idea was to have chn produce a character profile on Wilbur.
    However, I guess this involves having the whole book read to them first. When do people do this? I had planned to read a few chapters daily to chn in the English session but then it's difficult to think of activities ?
    My query is this- do people read the book outside the literacy session before starting the imitating the text phase? I hope that makes sense?
  6. slingshotsally

    slingshotsally Star commenter

    Ok, first things first.

    1. It is a long text. IF you had a text for each child, then you could give this as homework, with a few questions per chapter. This would depend on parents sitting with their children, listening to reading and then discussing the questions.

    2. You could get then to listen to it online, following a photocopy of the story at home and then do a questionnaire on it

    Here's a questionnaire, you'll have to ask the school if they will buy a site licence.

    The missing word is what stars do at night...

    3. Speak to your English subject leader and agree a whole class reading time each day, for several weeks leading up to this unit of work, so as to familiarise the children to the text.

    Get cheap copies of the text, ask colleagues, put a note in parents newsletter asking for copies with all pages and you might get lucky.
  7. blowswind

    blowswind Occasional commenter

    Is linking to copyrighted works permitted on these forums?
  8. slingshotsally

    slingshotsally Star commenter

    I'm not sure what you meaning is- the information is already freely available on the net?
  9. blowswind

    blowswind Occasional commenter

    Replied on the other post. Freely available does not = legal.
  10. Wotton

    Wotton Lead commenter

    You can't access the link unless you pay a subscription. You can sort of see what it contains by logging onto the site so copyright is not being broken. Even if you could view it you would need to pay the subscription to download.
  11. slingshotsally

    slingshotsally Star commenter

    Is this the link to what stars to at night...

    I did state that the school should pay for the access (or an individual might)

    " Here's a questionnaire, you'll have to ask the school if they will buy a site licence."
  12. Wotton

    Wotton Lead commenter

    sorry my reply was in relation to the copyright in that you were not posting a link which broke that as was implied by blowswind.
  13. blowswind

    blowswind Occasional commenter

    At least two of the links are to illegal copies.

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