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PIE & PIM Online

Discussion in 'Assessment' started by conordudz, Apr 30, 2011.

  1. Hi all, I am currently the assessment co-ordinator in a primary school. This year we are transferring our assessments in Progress in English and Progress in Maths from the traditional pen and paper to the online versions. We have had the sales pitch from GL about how good a system this is, but I'm just wondering if anyone who uses these assessments would have any advice or thoughts on using the online versions of these assessments. Many thanks
  2. Hi,
    Can only comment on the PiE aspect, but we find then very quick and very useful. The results feed into our data for Pupil Progress Meetings and we are hoping this year to get even more information as it shows progression.
    The down side is that the site can run very slow. Annoyingly slow.
    Either way, it is a lot more informative than 'optional SATs'

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