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picture books or shortish stories for year 6

Discussion in 'Primary' started by groovyshell83, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. groovyshell83

    groovyshell83 Occasional commenter

    I am trying to plan some 'fun' revision for the four weeks next half term and want to base the literacy around a picture book or shortish story but something that I can cover a lot of text types in eg previously I used Zoo by Anthony Browne and we did recounts, story writing, descriptions of settings, persuasion and argument texts. Any ideas?
  2. I love the book "Flotsam" by David Weisner. No words at all but loads you can get from the pictures. You could certainly cover different text types. I have used it before with Year 6 and they thought it was great.

    Another great book is this:
    It is not a short story. It is a "fantasy" non-fiction book. I have used it before with a Year 6 Gifted and talented group and they loved it. Again you could get loads of different genres from it: write a recount of a dragon hunt, write a description of a dragon, non-fiction, story about going to catch a dragon, persuasive letter applying for a job as a dragon hunter or persuading someone to sponsor your journey, argument for and against dragons being kept in captivity, etc, etc. I could go on forever!
    I wish I was teaching Year 6 again.........!
  3. Can't speak from personal experience, but I know the Year 6s in our school have worked on 'Tuesday' pretty sure it has no/little text, they wrote their own stories using the pictures. Apologies for not knowing the author.
  4. chocolateworshipper

    chocolateworshipper Occasional commenter

    The Tunnel by the same author would also work
  5. As would Voices in the Park. Love Anthony Browne.
  6. "Tuesday" is also by David Weisner. The same author as "Flotsam" which I suggested.

  7. imc


    The Watertower by Gary Crew is excellent both for modelling effective writing and engaging the children. You could easily develop multi-genre writing in response to the text. This is a highly engaging book which the children shoudl love
  8. You could also try the night of the gargoyles.
    Have you considered using The Hoverbike film / Chaperon Rouge film?
  9. Way Home by Gregory Rogers
    The Lost Thing - Shaun Tan
    The Paradise Garden - Colin Thompson
    Scoop! - Cathy Tincknell and John Kelly

  10. karentee

    karentee New commenter

    Have you seen the book Mirror by jeannie baker? some great images to inspire discussion and writing of all types
  11. My Yr6 class have loved Leon and the Place Between. Fantastic images & scope for lots of genres.
  12. taj


    The Gruffalo or Where the Wild Things Are
  13. Sector 7 by David Weisner
    Traction Man - Mini Grey
  14. chocolateworshipper

    chocolateworshipper Occasional commenter

    Ooooo yes - I LOVE that book
  15. The Wolves in the Walls - any children I have read this to have LOVED it (myself included)!
  16. I have used "The Lost Thing" by Shaun Tan to do a three week revision of most genres. It is really popular and produces some great writing.
  17. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    I've also used Free Fall by the same author

  18. groovyshell83

    groovyshell83 Occasional commenter

    i have just ordered the lost thing from amazon. any chance i could have a look at your planning vgriffiths?
  19. Hi.
    Looking at your message, you have used Flotsam. How did you use this book in your lessons?
  20. funkyyay

    funkyyay New commenter

    Hi does anyone have any planning they'd be willing to share on any of theses picture books for year 6?

    Especially flotsam or the zoo.

    Many thanks


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