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Physics equipment????

Discussion in 'Science' started by noosh, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. I need to buy some physics equipment for the speed, motion, momentum etc section of the AQA scheme of work and not sure what to buy or what is good or what works. Any help, advice would be great....if you have some equipment thats brilliant please let me know.

  2. Far too late I expect, but every school should have an air track with gliders and light gates. Pasco is expensive but it does at least work!
  3. largatona

    largatona New commenter

    <font size="3">GCSE Unit 2 Physics </font> <font size="3">P2.1 Forces and their effects </font> <font face="Times New Roman">Speed distance time &ndash; tape measure, pedometer, stop clocks </font> <font size="3">Newton meters </font> <font face="Times New Roman">Ramps, ticker tape timers </font> <font face="Times New Roman">Toy cars, remote control cars </font> <font face="Times New Roman">Terminal velocity experiment ball bearings glycerol measuring cylinder camcorder </font> <font face="Times New Roman">Data logger light gates </font> <font face="Times New Roman">Hookes law &ndash; springs masses meter rulers, elastic bands of various thicknesses </font> <font face="Times New Roman">Bell Jar Vacuum Pump to show objects falling without air resistance </font> <font size="3">P2.2 Kinetic energy Momentum etc </font> <font size="3">Newton scales to measure weight of person </font> <font face="Times New Roman">Set of dumbbells stop clocks meter rulers to calculate power </font> <font face="Times New Roman">Air track trolley + accessories for momentum experiments </font>

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