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Physics A-level course opinions

Discussion in 'Science' started by robin882, Nov 13, 2011.

  1. Hi all
    We currently use the OCR physics B (Advancing Physics) A-level course, but with increasing numbers on our A level courses (good thing!) the demands of coursework on lab space / equipment and on staff time are getting critical.
    Has anyone else been through this? Or has anyone recently evaluated different physics A-levels? I'm leaning towards AQA A - any thoughts?
    Any observations or comments welcome basically.
    Thanks in advance!
  2. ScienceGuy

    ScienceGuy Established commenter

    Until recently we did OCR B physics but we had concerns over the students progress. We switched to OCR A (similar to Biology ad Chemistry) and whilst we have not been all the way through with it (the Yr 13s are the first cohort) we got very enouraging AS results. The practical coursework has been easier to manage as well.
    That said, we are due for new specifications in the near future (for teaching from Sept 13 I think) so changing specification for one year may not be the best use of your resources!
  3. wire247

    wire247 New commenter

    I tried OCR B, and switched back to AQA A. I think OCR is a bit ambitious. Would love to teach it in a boarding school with 100% dedicated students, but not for the comp I work in. I enjoyed teaching it, very interesting, but the questions are set in such an obscure context, it was difficult to prepare the students for the exam. AQA A is great, I know exactly what is expected of the students, and can direct them accordingly.
    If you do choose AQA A, I have loads of stuff to get you started. pm me, but post in this thread that you have, as I don't check very often!
  4. wire247

    wire247 New commenter

    Just typed a long response, then got an oops somthing went wrong. Not going to type it again.
    I did write that if you choose AQA A, I have loads of stuff to get you started, pm me if you want a copy of all my resources. Post on this thread if you do though, as I don't check my messages.
  5. Hi,
    could you send me your stuff for AQA A too as I have just started it.
    I will pm you when I find out what that means
  6. Thanks to everyone for the high quality resposnes. I'm assunming pm is personal message via your profile page. That would be really helpful. Thank you.
  7. Hi Wire 247 - have just PMed you would be great if you could send some stuff my way

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