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Discussion in 'PSHE' started by noc1, Dec 1, 2008.

  1. Can't be done. How are you meant to produce age appropriate resources for that will cover everyone from age 11 to 16, especially in key areas like sex and drugs. This is know more than lip service to PSHEE. Encourage the decision makers to timetable PSHEE as a lesson and have it taught by volunteer teachers.

    If I was in your position i'd use the time for an active Citizenship project lead by the yr11 students but involving the rest. "Giving Nation Challenge" could adapted for this purpose.
  2. jetbur

    jetbur New commenter

    Oh I so agree with you but unfortunately this is not going to happen, until 2010. Until then I have to make the most of what I have got which is 2 x 15 minute tutor periods a week.

    I have asked for groups off of timetable for the subjects like SRE for same year goup and am awaiting on a decision as I did last year. At present all I can do is give the teachers and non teachers with tutor groups, lots of choice and resources for their groups.

    Yr 10 have a one hour Cit/phse seeion a week seperate to others so I can give them more than a taster...but I would reaaly appreciate guidance from someone who is in same position as us....are we the only ones in the country teaching PHSEe in tutor time?

    Thanks again for taking time to comment.

  3. Hi, I am in the same position as you. We are introducing vertical tutoring in September 2009.
    My current plan is to theme each half term using every child matters and the sixth one our specialism. I am going to start with healthy eating and organise an interhouse competition to design a meal to cook in the canteen! Next theme will be staying safe with a poster competition, this module would include preventing bullying. Next, I was thinking careers and target setting, then money - possibly getting the students to choose a charity, research it and organise an event to raise money. Still in early progress, but hope this might give you some ideas. The problem with this is that every year you will have to change the themes. I plan to cover age specific PSHEE with off timetable activities.
    I would be interested to hear from anyone who works in a school with vertical tutoring, as to how they deliver PSHEE and citizenship.

  4. I work in a school that introduced vertical tutoring this September. We teach PSHEE and Citizenship as an independant lesson once a week. As head of Depratment I was asked if it would be possible to teach it during tutor time (20 mins a day) I told them straight that it was not possible even with off timetable days as the content wouldn't be able to be delievered appropriatly and in appropriate depth. This discussion ended with a stand up row between myself and a newer member of SLT who advocated that it could be done and without off timetable days.

    Needless to say I managed to win that round, through the fact that i am the specialist and not him. However there are still rumblings that the school is looking to change to delivery through VTT as of next year.

    Citizenship is a foundation subjects just as much as History, Geogrpahy and RE etc and by trying to have it taught by tutors in VTT just devalues a subject already considered to be "Mickey Mouse" by some teachers and students

    Sorry rant over lol
  5. Did you ever get a SOW? I have been tasked with writing PSHE in a 45 minute session every week for vertical groups and would really appreciate any help or advice.
  6. This really is another VT disaster. If your school remotely understood VT and had been given proper training and advice the school would realise the stupidity of the task you have been set. In fact the school has simply reinvented the horizontal system that failed in the first place. You can write all the SOWs you like but your system still won't work and is a cultural and educational disaster waiting to happen. This is a typical tragedy when schools do something they think they understand but clearly do not. Ignorance and arrogance. If you want to know why this is the case contact me anytime you like via my website at www.verticaltutoring.org and I'll give you my number.
  7. The (one of many) Golden rules of VT is not to confude VT with PSHE. Tutors should never deliver programmes...the time is too prcious for that. You are right...schools cannot even do this successfully in horizontal systems...another school untrained and ill-advised, Sad
  8. Hope you,re surviving being in another school that does not understand VT!!

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