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Phrases that should be allowed in the classroom...

Discussion in 'Primary' started by mprimaryz, Oct 9, 2011.

  1. I didn't until recently. It's a way of spelling out a word beginning with 'c u' and ending in 'n t'.
  2. Ive got my self into the bad habit of saying "Yes" whenever a student uses "Oh God."
  3. Or, alternatively
    Student: Can I go to the toilet?
    Reply: I would hope so at your age!
  4. lillipad

    lillipad New commenter

    If you actually listened to what was going on at the front rather than playing with your sock / twiddling someones hair / looking at someone on the other side of the carpet was doing; you might actually learn something and not be in the bottom set making very slow progress.
  5. CaptainTuttle

    CaptainTuttle New commenter

    I had a very similar response with year 1- they'd complain they were bleeding and I'd tell them to stop and be careful not to get it on the carpet! It took them a while to get used to me, but before long I upgraded to offering to chop off whatever was bleeding/hurting and then mime doing so... I wonder what ofsed would have thought to miming decapitation as a cure for headaches?
    I should mention that the children knew I was joking and all took it in good humour because if they needed a plaster/ cold compress they'd go to my TA!
  6. I used to use this one with a colleague I hated who was part-time, never worked on aTuesday but never questioned me about it...he doesn't know to this day.
    Another one I regularly use (especially with above former colleague) after they make some inane comment or long-winded (non) story is 'There we are then! And then carry on with lesson/conversation etc...
    FYI - there are lots out there who will still not have made the answer...
  7. On hearing a kid exclaiming "Jesus Christ" or "Oh God" as they express their dissatisfaction facing the next task I find myself trying not to say "He won't help you know 'cos in this classroom I own you". So far I have succeeded.

    The other day a Yr 9 was admiring my shiny new laptop and then exclaimed "I might nick it Sir!!" to which I instinctively responded "And I might break both your legs". Luckily he got the joke and I got away with it this time.

    I'm only a PGCE trainee and sometimes forget I'm not in an office environment anymore.
  8. Are there any more like you at home? Surely, your parents knew after having you that it just wasn't working and the best thing they could do for society was to stop trying!
  9. I found the words "I am losing the will to live" coming out of my mouth today, when the majority of my y5s spent a whole lesson moaning about how difficult writing up a non-fiction report was.
    We had only spent 3 days finding loads of information and writing plans. Sigh.
  10. I do say this one, but they just laugh and continue to pester me
  11. been there...

    they're more likely telling the whole class
  12. Sharon, lighten up... there's nothing as arrogant as someone who thinks they're the only one doing a good job
  13. Love this one, it's the kind of thing I'd say but only to a class I've had for a little while.
  14. I use this one too
  15. You're killing me DWL
  16. I'm on the other side of the world, so we're more tempted to say "You don't say Christopher" (or Christine)
  17. I am going to use this one

  18. DWL
  19. I AM going to use this one

  20. Do you get that too? When did students start asking that question? High school students too?... and the one student in the class who is failing? Are you likely to be my favourite when you're the one student who's likely to get met fired?!


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