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Phrases that should be allowed in the classroom...

Discussion in 'Primary' started by mprimaryz, Oct 9, 2011.

  1. I love your post about 'whats under the desk!' fab...........................
  2. OMG and said that same phrase only yesterday!!!!
  3. I heard of a colleague who once kept back a particularly yobbish and not-bovvered class after school. He wrote on the board "Would you like fries with that?" and told the class to spend the next 30 minutes in silence memorising this phrases.
    At the end of the detention, he said - "Right, everyone got this, now? Good - you are now fully equipped with everything you will ever need in your future career."
    Pure quality, by the way.

  4. Once said to a 9 year old boy erecting a barrier of desks and chairs to get changed behind 'nobody's going to run coach parties to see you inyour pants' straight from P G Wodehuse incidentallty
  5. I really loved

    "Have you lost your gorm?"

    Still laughing :D

  6. ee ore is not necessarily ridiculing the concept of home education. What is being ridiculed is the devastatingly poor quality of basic grammar in the post. Perhaps pinkchez would be better off learning basic English before attempting to home educate. To add to the critique, the word 'that' should have been 'who'. Furthermore 'are you really!!!!!!!!!' should have been 'are you really?'

    Of course we teachers hold a position of trust. We have trained for years to get a degree, pursued further post graduate study to become skilled in our profession and in many cases have years of experience. Because we are trustworthy, we vent off anonymously and away from the classroom. Let me spell it out, this is a light hearted forum - for F U N. it is not a public declaration of general attitude and some of it may even be made up. I feel that some comments are too harsh but that is the nature of witticisms - some work some don't.

    Now I shall return to giggling with those who are following the explicitly stated theme of this post. If you don't like it, don't read it.
  7. I would LOVE to say to parents.. 'yes, I know as well as you do, that he/she has NEVER done that at home'. Or as a former Head of mine always said to parents ' I have never met a parent whose child did anything wrong' !!!
  8. Exactly, Nellymosser. I have two very close friends, one a police officer and one a paramedic. You should hear their 'humour'! Being able to let off steam in a safe environment is a necessary part of the job. You'd crack up otherwise.
  9. Exactly! Home education does have a valuable place in society, but any education is only as good as the person 'doing' the educating. I appreciate s/he says the message was written on a mobile (and as someone who types at 72 words per min I know how difficult phone keypads can be), but whilst that could explain bad spelling it doesn't explain basic grammar mistakes like capital letters.
  10. The star sign comment is the best yet!
  11. Actually laughed out loud!
  12. I cannot provide that kind of help - shall I book the school nurse?
  13. Me too! I know these threads aren't serious but if we teachers can't even get it right, how on earth can we expects the pupils to?
  14. Or more likely bored or even ...dare I suggest.. Scared!
  15. I don't...
  16. I also quite like "Who's got to thumbs and doesn't give a rat's a@@?... This girl!"
  17. My nursery children used to say, "aren't I trying?" to which we always replied, "yes, you are very trying." They were always pleased with this response ... I seem to be saying, "You can talk to your mother like that, but not me" a lot at the moment, and "Would you like to say that/do that in front of the headteacher?" (Year 1 now)
  18. I get this all the time too! How about "Next time you won't see me, if I see you first!" That will get them thinking. :)
  19. I say this all the time. I also share with the children that I make a terrible doctor as the only way I know how to stop a finger, leg, etc hurting is to chop it off with the scissors. They always giggle and it instantly stops hurting (or at least they stop whining about it) Result!
  20. jocadari

    jocadari New commenter

    I have often found myself saying 'No I am not God I am merely your teacher...'


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