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Phrases that should be allowed in the classroom...

Discussion in 'Primary' started by mprimaryz, Oct 9, 2011.

  1. Mrs_Frog

    Mrs_Frog New commenter

    I have used a similar tactic to PennyAM. Many moons ago, it was the end of term and an unruly year 8 class, who for the most part I got on OK with. One lad was being a bit of know it all, and I said the 'if you can do it better, come on then' line. He accepted my offer, and went to the front of the classroom. It was great, he suddently realised what hard work it could be when people are not listening, especially as I engaged in some of the low level behaviour that he was regularly part of. (Talking, asking for a pen, looking for the mobile, asking for books, talking again, interrupting him....) Lets just say it was a very worthy 5 minutes or so, he gave up and the class, although not perfect, were a great deal better afterwards!
  2. Perhaps, then, it would be prudent to consider retirement. Home education has been legal for a significant enough period of time to not warrant ridicule. I suppose corporal punishment should be reinstated, too?
    You know, it's pretty understandable that you would feel challenged by your career from time to time. It is inevitable that you would confide in friends and family in times of need. To actually post these comments in public domain with complete disregard for the consequences is, at best, crass and at worst, irresponsible.
    You hold a position of trust. Here's a radical idea, why not act in a trustworthy manner? No, far too unorthadox I expect.

  3. Oh, some of us seem to have lost our sense of humour......
  4. This is the only comment so far that has actually made me laugh out loud. I kind of want to embroider this and give it to our new head.
  5. I was smacked as a kid didnt do me any harm. Twitch twitch[​IMG]
  6. Have a laugh and lighten up.
  7. For your information it is the parents legal responsibility to ensure their child is educated, how they choose to do that is up to them. Unfortunately some parents pass that responsibility onto horrific people like yourselves. Home educators will never be seen on forums slagging off kids whether their own or belonging to another. They have too much respect to do that. Also, if you knew your history you would know that learning from home was around well before schools. So truancy? no it's not, it is taking their legal reaponsibility seriously and protecting their children from the irreparable harm you teachers cause.
  8. Oh so sorry. I apologise for grammatical errors. But as I was typing one handed on my iPhone I have been known to mistakes. But let's see will those mistakes hurt a child's feelings? Will they leave them having nightmares? Or wetting themselves? Or cryin at the school gates ? No but the comments you people are typing in a forum for the world to see could. You are disgraceful people with no respect or conscience.
  9. harsh-but-fair

    harsh-but-fair Star commenter

    I thought as much ...

  10. Presumably you don't teach in an Inner City school .
  11. I absolutely love this one
  12. Milgod

    Milgod Established commenter

    Please expand. What consequences do you refer to?
  13. Milgod, I think these might be the consequences of posting obvious, and widespread, opinions anonymously:
  14. Wow, you can read usernames?
    I wonder exactly which school J Grice works at. Seeing as you have neither a first name or any indication of gender, it would be difficult to find out with any certainty which school they work at.
    I'd imagine there are a number of teachers called Claire Jones.
    If you really have contacted the schools and LAs (no apostrophe), and if they actually take any notice, I'm sure you are absolutely certain you have got the right ones and haven't accidentally reported the wrong person...
  15. You do realise that parents can read this, yes?
  16. Did u see the article in the paper about those teachers in Hull that are likely to lose their jobs. Because of how they talked about pupils on Facebook? Be interesting how many lose their jobs over this, thinking it's funny to slag off children.
  17. On Facebook. Where they were anything but anonymous. Where everyone who knew them knew the children they were talking about.
    I'm absolutely sure everyone on this thread will lose their jobs because they've anonymously mentioned some of the things they think about anonymous children past or present. We have no idea who the posters are or who the children are.
    Oh, look, I seem to accidentally have used my real name. I look forward to being fired after you inform my Local Authority.
  18. when a child shows you their astounding piece of written work, quote

    "Given infinite time, a thousand monkeys with typewriters would recreate the entire works of Shakespeare."

    'Uh, that's neat, but what about my poem?'

    "Five monkeys, ten minutes."

    *obviously just a joke and wouldn't really want to crush any child's dream of becoming the next poet laureate, but made me laugh!
  19. Goodevening pinkchez, I am one of of the many hard working teachers that sometimes need to let off steam. We work hard, our lives are ruled by what we do, this is OUR site, it's an opportunity to let off steam after a hard day. It was unfortunate that the staff of the school used Facebook to let off steam- I was shocked that the head made comment, however, I didn't see their comments so am not in a position to make judgements. All I can say is that I truly dso envy your patience and goodness, sadly, I'm only human.
    Cherrio for now- is it planning tonight, or Ironing, hey, maybe both?


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