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Photography Workshops

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by LauH, Nov 2, 2011.

  1. Hi Gerald
    I teach Post 16 photography at a newly formed and under resourced school. any help would be much appreciated! where abouts are you based? I think any and every teach would love an offer like that. Maybe try contact the art department specifiaclly as your offer my have gotten lost in the system somewhere.
    Kind regards
  2. Hi
    Thanks for your reply I am based in Essex and would be happy to travel too most of
    the county and London, Kent etc I have previously undertaken Art projects when working as a youth worker and have just completed my PTTLS course which allows me to teach at nightclasses etc , I am in the process of applying for lots of these positions but would really love to teach workshops in schools so really just wanted to offer my services for free and then talk to teachers about their ideas and what they would want me to provide , have various lesson plans but would really like to talk to a art teacher before I developed them any further , will try at my local high school again as I know they have a darkroom that is unused ( Have volunteered at the school previously as a T.A ).
    If you are local would love to offer any help I can and Thank you for taking time to reply
  3. Personally I think it's a great idea as it broadens the students skills and knowledge. I think if you can pitch it to schools explaining how it can help hit GCSE/AS/A2 assessment objectives then that could help.
    I think the only downside would be that many schools would not have the equipment or facilities themselves for you to use to teach photography so you would need your own equipment. For example - if you wanted to run black and white sessions then you would need a darkroom and film cameras, or if you wanted to run digital photography sessions then you would need computers with photo editing software as well as digital cameras.
    Many schools would not have all of this equipment or in my schools case - none of the above at all!

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