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Photography Tweeters please!

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by artcrisis, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. artcrisis

    artcrisis New commenter

    Billy Rowlinson: young photographer active in London.
  2. Hi...
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  3. Not sure what this has to do with following photographers on twitter :s
  4. Thanks ill have a look on Twitter for him!
  5. Lucieb40

    Lucieb40 New commenter

    If you have an iphone or ipad...or some way to access the apple app store you should check out 'Flipboard'...it is filled with photography bits and bobs and will provide you with current photography tweeters from around the world...its great!!
    Hope this helps!
  6. foxbat

    foxbat New commenter

    I agree with Lucieb40 flipboard is great.
    I use twitter to show my photography students interesting photography related blogs/websites.
    Follow me #pittvillephoto. I also use flickr as do all my students, it allows me to see what the students are up to. i get regular emails when they upload stuff.
    flickr account is takenothingbutphotos
  7. Hi there,
    If you are interested in contemporary photography follow the Saatchi Gallery as a new photography exhibition will be opening in April that will showcase the best from international artists working with the medium in divrese, innovative and arresting ways!
  8. Thanks! Ive downloaded the flipboard before and must not have looked into it completely, Ive added you on twitter #pittvillephoto thank!
    Your flickr stuff looks great too! Im really looking forward to start teaching it in september - ive got two classes running!
  9. Lucieb40

    Lucieb40 New commenter

    I forgot to add...'Instagram' - its fantastic and a REALLY EASY way to share photos with people around the world - most of whom are amateurs. Again its for apple products but I really recommend it. My students use it as an easy way to share their own photographs with the world and look at other peoples.

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