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Photography Club

Discussion in 'Primary' started by happy_day, Sep 13, 2010.

  1. Has anyone ever done a photography club or have any ideas on what I can do?
    Thank you!
  2. I was thining of doing this too last year but never got round to it because I didnbt think Id be able to come up with enough activities to last half a term.

    I have had a thought and thought about focussing on a different aspect each week. So look at he basics like camera settings in forst week. Each week can take the same structure..intro, kids go 'experiment', back to ICT suite to upload form camera and have a look as a class, decide whats good whats not.

    Was thinking maybe rule of thirds, animals, people, still ife..thats 4 weeks. Maybe landscapes. I was also thinking of getting alocal photographer to come in one week and give some input.

    I teach KS1 but I think Id have to do this ith years 4/5/6 as they need to be able to use computers independently. Was also thinking of only having a small group too..maybe 10/15 tops.\
    We can lways bounce ideas off each other if you fancy a brainstorm (not PC, lol).


  3. Sounds good. I`ve been doing the club with year 4 and we have used basic camera settings. I`m running out of ideas though. The children want to edit their photos but we don`t have any editing software in school.

    A local photographer sounds really good. I`ll have to look in to that!
  4. I know a year 4 class did a photography project. They were split ip into teams named a specific animal. They had to pretend to be this animal and take pictures of what this animal might see/act. Examples: rabbit, monkey, bird... They really enjoyed it at least.
  5. Should be: They were split up into teams named a specific animal.

  6. s1oux

    s1oux New commenter

    Try www.picnik.com. My Year 4s love using it.
  7. Benbamboo

    Benbamboo Occasional commenter

    Photo story 3 is a fantastic piece of software (I think by windows) but really helps to use photos in an imaginative way. Also its free!
  8. Thanks everyone

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