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Discussion in 'Primary' started by impulce, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. Im in Y2 and we do a 15 minute teaching session a day, split into two groups so my TA takes one group. I do have some high flyers who can read anything, but they still benefit from it in terms of developing spelling and a deeper understanding of how our language works. I try to throw in polysyllabic words for them, or ask that group inparticular to put the word into a 'wow' sentence whilst the other children are focussing just on writing the word.
  2. I aim my main class teaching at the highest, with elements of the lower phases. So currently we are doing phase 6, but within that I find examples from other phases to throw in; for example, present tense verbs with a focus on those beginning with sh, ch and th. Or past tense verbs, looking at what happens to verbs with split vowel digraphs when you change them to the past tense. My TA then takes groups to reinforce this with those on the lower phases, and during guided reading I ensure that there is one group doing phonics and that their independent phonics work is carefully differentiated.

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