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Discussion in 'Primary' started by sophie_b_87, Jun 22, 2011.

  1. At this stage in the year what should generally be planned for Year 1, Phase 5 phonics for the 'teach' phase of the sessions? TIA
  2. It depends on your children. Most of mine still dont fully recognise/apply alot of the long vowel phonemes, so we are still going over the sound families (ee,e,ey,ea,e_e) etc.
    My more able, if I had the TA support to extend them, would be doing alternative pronounciations and suffixes (Phase 6 - knight, christmas, phone, jumped, slipped, etc)
    My less able would benefit from some more work on sh/ch/th and then phase 3 - one grapheme for each long vowel phoneme (ay, ee, igh etc).
  3. Thank you! It's for an interview so have just been told 'Phase 5'!
  4. I can send you some resources [ word cards, sentences, card games, board games, posters] if you let me know which phonic patterns you will be covering.
  5. In what way are you expected to know/provide for Phase 5 for Year One?
    Do you mean that you have to plan a lesson as part of the interview?
    If so, it's pretty meaningless without some details of the class and what they're doing generally - and whether the school is following a particular programme or not.
    If you don't know these things already and you are expected to plan something, you need to get back on to the school and ask for more details.
    Phase 5 is vast, and every school is teaching in their own way (order of correspondences, programmes, methods etc).
    Good luck with your interview - but don't be afraid to ask for more information if you do not feel fully equipped.
    I think it is a measure of lack of understanding of phonics teaching, that a school would think it is 'enough' just to say 'Phase Five for Year One' if this is indeed the case in your circumstances.

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