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Phonics teaching for Y6!

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by billandsplodge, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. billandsplodge

    billandsplodge New commenter

    Please can anyone point me in the direction of internet resources for teaching Y6?
    I have been asked to do some spelling/intervention work on spelling/phonics but having looked at the Letters & Sounds package it is far too childish for my Y6s. [​IMG]
    Hope someone knows of something useful!
    Thanks [​IMG]
  2. Phonics International - for any age.

    www.phonicsinternational.com Sorry, the browser I'm using (Chrome) refuses to format TES posts. You'll have to copy & paste the web address.
  3. billandsplodge

    billandsplodge New commenter

    Thank you for your reply. I've had a look but it's something you need to purchase - we have a budget freeze!

    Wonder if anyone knows of any free resources? [​IMG]
  4. There is this -designed for 1-1 but could be adapted:
    Stairway to Reading: Free, online, remedial tutoring program (Canadian) Registration needed: www.societyforqualityeducation.org/stairway.html

    A one-on-one remedial reading program for students of any
    age who have already received some reading instruction but
    who are struggling with reading. Caution UK users: there are some N. American
    accent/sound differences.
  5. www.ks2phonics.org - intervention based on Letters & Sounds. I've also done Jolly Phonics with Year 5 children before L&S came along.

    I know what you mean about babyish but I found that if you withdrew them and did it with enthusiasm they went with it. If they need the basics then you've got to go back to them even if you adapt how you present it. Screen them, find out what phase they're working in and then provide work to fill the gaps - only way to do it. Make it competitive, build in rewards, games and prizes and they will join in.

  6. The free online resources at www.schoolwork.bz should be ideal for you - they are designed for Year 6 children in particular. the acces code is ure132ty Please be aware that the resources there are limited and less sophisticated verions of those currently in use in a Year 6 researh project called Every Child a Level 5 English in 2011. You can use these to assign literacy homework to children with access to a computer at home - no matter how limited their literacy skills. If you email me your school address, I can let you have a CD of the research project resources - no charge and no cost implications. eddiecarron@btconnect.com

    Eddie Carron Educational researcher.
  7. billandsplodge

    billandsplodge New commenter

    Thank you Eddie, that's really helpful [​IMG]
  8. billandsplodge

    billandsplodge New commenter

    Thank you Susan and Kat - will check out those links too. [​IMG]
  9. crusell

    crusell New commenter

    I built some flash phonic games, but they're mostly phase 3 and phase 4. At the moment developing ideas for phase 5. If you tell me what you looking for I'll have a go at building a game.
  10. Spellzone is ideal for this age - its specially designed not to be too childish. It is a paid service but there is plenty of free stuff on the website or there is currently a half price offer along with a free trial until the end of March by using the code BETT11a
  11. Alpha to Omega we use in school can have a copy if you send a pen drive x

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