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phonics scheme for a secondary special school

Discussion in 'English' started by Dramaqueen01, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. Hi
    was just after any advice or case studies from teachers in special schools re a commercial phonics programme.
    Our school caters for secondary pupils from about P4 to NC3 and although i've used my own adapted version of jolly phonics at the higher end of this range, i'm looking for something more systematic to introduce to try and standardise teaching methodology for pupils across the school from say P6/7 upwards.
    i've seen the commercial videos explaining both Read Write Inc and Phonics International and found them quite persuasive, although they would need some adaptation and a lot of overlearning no doubt!
    i'd be grateful for anyone's feedback before deciding what to invest in!
    Also has anyone found a scheme that they have found particluarly successful with autistic pupils?
  2. I work in a special school, with a high proportion of students with ASD. We've started using the LCP phonics materials but, as with any scheme, we adapt and need to allow for overlearning. It's worth having a look though. Perhaps you could get it on a free trial. I've had Read, Write Inc on a free trial in the past. I decided against it for our school but there seem to be quite a few on TES forums who like it.
  3. Phonics is meant to be used mainly for the first year of learning to read and write. It does not work with equally well even with all without special needs.
    If u teach children with very different needs, u will have to adapt your teaching to their strengths and weaknesses.
    U might like to look and my website and some of my blogs to get a better understanding of what makes learning to read and write English difficult for many children:


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