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Phonics - KS4

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by Burdon, Feb 3, 2012.

  1. Hi all,
    In Spetember I will have some responsability for working with KS4 pupils with low literacy levels (reading ages below 9) and I want to do the best I can by them. Before I get too bogged down in it I thought I would put some ideas out there and see what the feed back is:
    - A 1:1 approach only with first name terms (they will recognise me but won't have ever worked with me before)
    - Teaching phonics/reading around pupils own interests i.e. decoding song lyrics, back pages of newspapers, Facebook etc
    - Designing some form of contract
    I want to argue for a separate room to do this in and not be floating around with a box. I want to get to know them and havbe the freedom of space to have an ipod loaded with the tracks they like etc - they are nearly adults after all!
    Very early days of thinking - any ideas appreciated!
  2. It appears from another thread that you have already decided to use RWI. Have you seen the new OUP RWI 1-1 tutoring pack? Warning -it is designed around the use of consumables.
    You might benefit from some of the info. on this page:

  3. mystery10

    mystery10 Occasional commenter

    How often and for how long each week have you got these teenagers for on a one to one basis, and for how many weeks in total?
    How willing are the parents to help?
  4. Hi

    I have RWI for Reception to Yr 8. I have nothing yet for KS4. I have seen the tutoring pack but could not find any information about the exact contents so I have emailed a local RWI teacher to ask.

    Thanks for the link

  5. Hi,

    As of yet all of this is unknown. I have no idea how many pupils etc so I am trying to create a proposal outlining what I would need in an idea sense.
    I would like to have them 1:1 at least twice a week. All KS4 pupils are permanent exclusions so they are on site for up to 2 years. Until I have an idea of what sort of program to deliver I am stuck as to answer how many weeks.


  6. Parental support is mixed and many have very low literacy levels themselves so would not necessarily be in a position to use materials at home.
  7. I would say that the RWI tutoring pack would be unsuitable for KS4 as it's based on the RWI reading books for KS1.
    RWI do Fresh Start: 'Catch-up' reading, writing, spelling and grammar activities
    for children in Year 5 upwards:
    ''It basically consists of 34 'workbooks' (consumables) which progress from extremely simple to complex'' (HLTA using Fresh Start 1-1)
    You could also investigate:
    That Reading Thing. www.thatreadingthing.com Provides
    training in a basic remedial, linguistic phonics, one-to-one programme
    for older children, teenagers and adults or, without training,
    as a book and CD package.

    - Totem series. 12 books specifically designed for older struggling readers Reading Age KS1 -start at cvc level - plus photocopiable workbook
    Talisman series. 20 books specifically designed for older struggling readers Reading Age KS1 plus photocopiable workbook.

  8. I use Fresh-Start for KS3 but I would, perhaps, hesitate to use it for KS4 as some of the earlier modules might be considered a bit too 'young'.
    Sound-Discovery might be another programme worth investigating as it is quite 'age neutral'.
    Also, Phonics International
    Two things I think are good supplementary resources are a very simple little computer based programme called AcceleeReadAcceleeWrite, which uses text to speech software (pupils love habving the computer 'talk' to them), and some word reading games called TRUGS.
  9. Thanks for all the great advice and links!
  10. Hi Burdon,
    Sorry to have missed this; I've been away training. Please get in touch if you have any questions about That Reading Thing. It's been developed specifically for working 1-1 with older strugglers in or out of school, especially those who "don't do education".
    tmillar (at) thatreadingthing (dot) com
    And you won't have to float around with a box because it all comes in a plain black freeset (google them!) courier bag. [​IMG]

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