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Phonics - in books or on whiteboards?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by seebee, Jul 7, 2011.

  1. Was thinking about doing my year 2 phonics lessons into books instead of (as I usually do) on mini whiteboards. Would it be easier (not so long on carpet, a record of their work)? Or is it better that they can feel it's ok to make mistakes? What do you do?
  2. Wotworklifebalance

    Wotworklifebalance New commenter

    We do a mixture of both with my mianly Yr2 group as they were finding it difficult to write neatly on the wbs - our phonics sessions are also handwriting as there is so much emphasis on correct letter formation in the ealry stages. For things like quickwrite they use the wbs but when we practise hfw spellings each day they use books.
    My less able yr 2s, year 1s and Rs use wbs all the time though (I have a mixed r,1,2 class). I do only have a small group and we are table based which makes a difference.

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