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Phonics ideas? Year 2 Phase 4

Discussion in 'Primary' started by MelHug94, Feb 4, 2012.

  1. MelHug94

    MelHug94 New commenter

    I'm an NQT so don't have a backlog of experience or a bank of resources to draw on, so was wondering if anyone has anything they can point me towards or email to me that might help next week, please?
    I have to carry out my assessments on my Phase 4 phonics group, which have to be independent and I know will take forever, so I'm looking for some sort of phonic related activity to keep the rest of the group busy whilst I assess them one at a time!
    Any ideas welcome ! Thanks x
  2. Just curious - what do you mean by saying that the assessments 'have to be independent'?
  3. MelHug94

    MelHug94 New commenter

    Sorry, just realised you replied - didn't get them all done by half term so will be carrying on after the break so any ideas still welcome!

    Also, that was a typo, thanks for pointing it out, I meant individual - in that I have to assess them one at a time on reading and writing phase 3 sounds and phase 4 blends and reading non-words - so I need consolidation activities to keep the rest of my group "busy" while I go through them one at a time. Each assessment is taking 10 - 20 minutes at the mo and I only have a 25 minute session so it's taking far too long. Struggling to find holding activities to keep the rest of the group settled each day whilst I go through the assessments a child at a time.

    Thanks x
  4. Quite an onerous task you have set yourself! Do you have parallel classes? I find that with my obs when I am teaching, and any other adults observing - we generally know where the children are. We have 4 ability groups that the 2 teachers and 2 ta's teach. As we discuss their progress, and move the groups around,l it becomes pretty clear where the children are. Also individual reading is a good time to assess. Phase 4 is really an extension that runs alongside phases 2 and 3 as it only requires segmenting and blending of longer words. If you are teaching phase 3, teach phase 4 alongside it. A tip, only formally assess those children that you are not really sure of!
  5. MelHug94

    MelHug94 New commenter

    I realise this is onerous and believe me, it is not a task I have set myself! The school have decided that we need to track progress in Phonics as well as literacy and numeracy, so each term we have to update electronic spreadsheets stating where each child is at and must benchmark them in reading and phonics each term and keep the evidence on file.....! So, onerous YES...
    Have taken your suggestion on using reading time to assess small groups, as opposed to one at a time!
    Thanks :)
    M x

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