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phonics-help with letter formation

Discussion in 'Primary' started by flower16, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone, i have a problem with teaching children the letter formation, i am able to show children the correct letter formation of each letter correctly but unable to describe the formation when teaching children effectively, does anyone know of a good video to show and give the description of how each letter is formed that i can use in class. i have looked at Mr.thornes does phonics but he does not describe which way they are written. Any suggestions thanks
  2. Kartoshka

    Kartoshka Established commenter

    Don't overthink this - just describe what you are doing when you write the letter. Lowercase a, for example - "Go around, up, down, and flick". Lowercase b - "Start at the top and go down, back up to the middle, and round." Keep it simple!
  3. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    I find it helps if you always say the same thing every single time you write that letter and the children are encouraged to repeat what you say as they form the letter too .

    I use
    Curly caterpillar family
    Anticlockwise movements
    c round
    o round, round and join
    a round, up, down and flick
    d round, up, up, down, down and flick
    g round, up, down, down and round
    q round, up, down, down and tick
    s round and round the other way
    f round, down, down and round - across
    e across and round
    one armed robot family
    down, up and over movements
    r down, up and over a bit
    n down, up, over, down and flick
    m down, up, over and down, up, over, down and flick
    h down, down, up a bit, over, down and flick
    b down, down, up a bit, over and round
    p down, down, up, up, over and round
    k down, down, up a bit, over, round, out and flick
    long ladder family
    mainly down and round movements
    l down, down and flick
    i down and flick - dot
    t down and flick - across
    j down, down and round - dot
    u down, round, up, down and flick
    y down, round, up, down, down and round
    zig zag monster
    diagonal movements
    v down, up
    w down, up, down, up
    x down, stop - down, stop
    z across, down, across
    for reception and the Y1 teacher uses the same words so there is continuity
  4. thanks
  5. char2505

    char2505 New commenter

    Teach letters infamilies -e.g those that start like 'c'. For eg would say 'a' as 'curly c, up and down.'
  6. We use Read Write Ink letter formation. Have a picture and a phrase, so for 'a' it's a picture of an apple and the phrase 'round the apple, down the leaf'. Works quite well for visual and auditory learners.
  7. Ive used Read, Write, Inc as well its really good the children love the pictures and the sayings are really catchy, for example o, has a picture of an orange and as you write o you say all around the orange, would definately recommend this.

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