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Phonics Flop

Discussion in 'Primary' started by RLB1992, Jan 13, 2016.

  1. RLB1992

    RLB1992 New commenter

    Hi there,

    I'm finding my phonics lessons can be quite boring or uni-inspiring at the moment. I think it is because at the moment I am teaching three phonics groups at a time (Middle of phase 5, end of phase 5 and Year 2 NC spellings) the age range in my phonics group is from Year 2 up to Year 6 (we split across the whole school).
    Does anybody have any exciting/active/fun phonics ideas/games/activities which they could suggest as I find I am doing the same thing over and over again.
  2. languageisheartosay

    languageisheartosay Occasional commenter

  3. bevanne8

    bevanne8 New commenter

    I run phonics phase 4 and 5 with Y1 and Y2 children. We use the 'phonics play' programme which is fab and has a huge range of planned interactive games and lessons. I have a 20 minute slot each day which culminates in a spelling test on a Friday.

    When I am short of time or technology fails me, I play a game called 'buzz off hairy legs'.
    The children (of which there are 30) stand in a circle, and I choose a words covering the sounds/words that we have been working on, eg toast. I work clockwise around the circle. The first child gives the first phoneme, the next child the next phoneme and so on until the word is complete the next child says buzz the next says off, the next says hairy the next says legs and the next child is out and sits down. very simple but the children love the name of the game and if they are struggling on the phoneme, they ask the friend next to them to help. Not sure if this would work with your older children but the younger ones love it.

    I also play 'snowball' where I scrunch up a piece of paper and whatever sound we are working on, eg 'ai' I throw the paper ball to a child and they have to say a word with that sound in eg, train, that child then throws the paper ball to another child who has to sound the word out, they then throw to another child who has to give a sentence with that word in. I repeat this this process until they cant think of any more and then move onto another sound. If a child cannot sound it out or think of a sentence they toss the snowball to the person closest to them on their right to perform that action.

    Just a couple of ideas that might keep you going for now, hope they help.

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