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phonics and reading groups - timetable help badly needed please!

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by hsz06rgu, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. hsz06rgu

    hsz06rgu New commenter

    Thanks Wotworklifebalance - your name seems appropriate at the minute!!
    Thankfully my head is very EY focused and so understands the need for child initiated learning hence is supportive of taking time to observe and celebrate it. In that way I don't think she would mind if I cut out one of my adult directed activities in the week in order to allow extra time to take 3 phonic groups. It's just not what I would rather do! Because of our assembly times we would not be able to fit it all into the first part of the morning and my poor TA would be playing catch-up all afternoon.
    I think my best move is to alternate the CLL and PSRN adult directed whole class sessions each day instead of every day which I did already feel was a little heavy. At least that will give me another 10 mins per day which is nearly an hour over the week. Yay!!
    Thanks again,
    Hsz06rgu x

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