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Phonics advice needed!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by pinkfirework, Oct 26, 2011.

  1. Hi, I'm an NQT and have a year 1 class.
    The school is undergoing many changes to improve its standards...results in previous years haven't been great but the new HT has begun to make a difference (according to other staff + Ofsted!). Over half my class are still P7 or below and reading is especially low so quality English and phonics teaching is crucial!
    The phonics my class in reception was... fragmented. I currently have about 4 groups: Phase 5, Phase 3, Phase 2 (just about to start Phase 3) and Phase 2.
    I have a TA and have been advised by my mentor that she focus on getting the Phase 2 kids up to scratch (which isn't easy as the kids have challening behaviour) whilst I simulateously teach Phase 5 and 3. All my training preached how crucial it is for phonics to be consistant but this past half term I've felt like I don't know whether I'm coming or going with phonics and worried that the kids will fall behind. I don't want to be blamed for my class not progressing properly!
    How often should I revist review each phoneme? How many should I teach in one session - 1 phase 3 and 1 phase 5? How can I make it engaging without spending hours on resource making which ends up being a distraction from the sounds themselves? And how is appying different from practising?
    My class are a lovely but challenging bunch... all I want is some practical, simple advice for getting their phonics right and making sure they really enjoy it and then want to read!!
  2. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    I would use (and do use to an extent) phonicsplay. You do have to pay to join, but it isn't much at all and everything you need is there.

    To revisit you can do the flashcards on the whiteboard and choose the phonemes you want to do. So you can choose some from phase 2, 3 and 5 each day to give all a go in the whole class start part.

    To be honest I would give your TA the phase 5 group. Phase 5 at this point in year 1 is very good and they won't need 'teaching' as much as the rest.

    Keep the class for the flash cards, send off the phase 5 with something to do with the TA. Then teach the rest as a group.

    I would teach the phase 2 sounds purely through flashcard 'look and say' type thing. Just repeat the above game from phonicsplay but choose just phase 2 sounds. The less able will initially join in with the phase 3 children, but gradually learn it themselves.

    Then teach phase 3 as outlined in the plans from phonicsplay adding in your own games and activities as you wish.

    I'm not an expert at phonics by any means, but this is what I would do. (Oh and give the phase 2 children phonic reading books at phase 2 and hear them read lots and lots to reinforce the sounds. Use reading as extra phonics time)
  3. pinkfirework - you are welcome to email me, or we can chat on the phone, so that I can give you some detailed guidance for your scenario:
    I shall completely understand if you prefer not to so don't worry either way.

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