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Phonics activity for Yr 1?

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by Minnieminxz, Jul 14, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction :)
    I have an interview on Monday, and although the job is for working in KS2, they have asked me to work with a group of year 1 children.
    The activity should last 15 mins.
    I haven't worked with year 1 before, only year 3 and up!
    I was thinking of phoneme Bingo, I print off a sheet with pictures on( in a square table), I was thinking as it's almost the end of term to make it seaside themed.
    I say the word, ie, Boat, Tent, Sea, Sand, and they cross the correct picture. Then ( as that won't take 15 mins) I re enforce the activity by giving them a clean sheet of the same pictures, and a list of the words to cut out and stick onto the right picture.
    Does this sound suitable? Although they'll be Yr1, they are almost into yr 2, so not quite sure how easy/difficult to make it!
    My other idea was a phoneme spotter story, where they have coloured pens and circle the sound we are looking for, ie, 'oo', while I read it, then re read it slowly so they can follow the words. I did ALS years ago, but that was with year 3 & 4, and I don't have any of the resources now, but I have downloaded a couple of bingo cards from the resources on here and a phoneme spotter story.
    What do you think would engage yr1/2 best please?
    Thank you!!
  2. Has the school let you know where the kids are phonics wise? If they do letters and sounds what phase are they on? Its quite tricky if you dont know the ability of the kids, in the last week i've worked with a year 1 class who were struggling to identify initial phonemes and another year 1 class where they were Phase 5 (Phase Five will already be able to read and spell words with adjacent consonants, such as
    trap, string and flask. They will also be able to read and spell some polysyllabic words.)
    I'd get onto the school and ask where they are. The activities look like good ones, just make sure they're class appropriate :)
  3. bluebell27

    bluebell27 New commenter

    I work in a mixed Year 1/2 class and would say that the majority of year 1 children at this time of the year will be secure in CVC words (cat/mop) and blends ( frog/pram) and lots of them can read phase 3 which is the common long vowels such as ee/oo/ow/ ai/ay/ etc.

    What you could do based on your bingo idea is an activity where children have to read these words. You could have pre printed cards with five words on (a variety of words from all phases which would differentiate the activity for different abilities) Then show a variety of picture cards and ask the children to mark off the word on the picture on their card. So if you show a picture of a boat they may or may not have it on their card but they have to recognise the word to be able to print off. (you could always have a set of bingo words that are just CBC for specific children but you would need to make yourself aware of which if any children only need these.

    An alternative could be is to use white boards and pens (most classes have a set of these) show approx 10 assorted decidable words (from the five stages of letters and sounds) lay them out on the floor/ stick on board and ask children to choose five words to copy onto their board. One in each corner and one word in the middle. Them randomly show picture cards sound the word out b/IA/t/ and children mark off that word if it is on their board.

    These activities could easily fill 15 mins.
    I think the main thing is to build up a rapport with the children, and keeping them all active and interested and most young children love a game of bingo. (ours do anyway)
    Good luck with your interview
  4. bluebell27

    bluebell27 New commenter

    Sorry for the typos. that should read CVC ..... and decodable words /b/o/a/t
  5. Thank you for the advice, it's really helpful [​IMG]
    I'm going to email the school to ask which phase they are on, but the letter says ' a mix of pupils from Yr1' so it may well be mixed ability- not easy when you don't know the children and it's the last week of term with excitement running high!!
    I'm going to shift it so they have the words on their bingo cards, and I show them the picture, and then afterwards they can match the picture with the word, and we all say the sounds together.
    Do year 1 children know the term phoneme, and digraph? My old yr 3/4's did, but i'm guessing with this age group I'm best keeping it simple and using 'sounds'.
    I'm quite looking forward to it really, the last interview i had it felt great to be back in a school and working with a group, and the rapport was very good, and even managed to silence the overly chatty child who they must have put in the group to throw me with just a pointed 'look'!
    I'm waffling now... I am actually quite nervous, but excited about it all at the same time!
  6. Some SP programmes teach 'phoneme' and 'grapheme' right from the start. You could ask the school what terminology the children are familiar with and then use terms that they know.
  7. bluebell27

    bluebell27 New commenter

    During a normal phonics teaching session I would use the term phoneme alongside the word /sound/. So might ask how many phonemes/sounds does this word have in the same question. I wouldn't be too bothered about children using the correct teminology during your interview. By all means use the correct teminology but remember, Children are winding down they need activities that will engage them and keep them interested and on task for 15 mins so if you only use the word 'sounds' don't worry at this stage too much. I know our year 1s would find it hard to describe a digraph and would have to be reminded as we focus on them. (although most would know what a phoneme is).
  8. I was so nerrvous , but I got the job! I'm
    so excited, I've been scaring the neighbours by singing loudly all afternoon!
  9. That's brilliant! Well done you! Wish me luck for my interview tomorrow!
    Wren :)
  10. Well done Minnieminx, and good luck Wren :-D
  11. Thank you!
  12. Thank you [​IMG]

    Wren, hope tomorrow goes really well, please come back and let us know!!
  13. Thank you, and I will!
  14. bluebell27

    bluebell27 New commenter

    Fantastic news! How did your activity go? You obviouisly impressed them enough to give you the job.
  15. Thank you [​IMG]
    I'm still grinning, soo pleased! I also got a call from the head of a nearby catholic school tonight offering me an interview, but he said their gain was his loss, i was quite suprised, as i applied as it's a fantastic school, but I'm not religious at all, and held little hope of an interview.
    The activity went very well, she said they were 'impressed' [​IMG]
    I had a small group of children, and two senior staff sat at a table and observed me, so i pretended they wenr't there so I didn't feel so nervous ( I had shaky hands before i went in!).
    I went through simple phonic sounds you'd hear at the start of holiday words, such as 'Sun, Sea' etc, and then got them to hold up their whiteboards with the letter on it.
    The rapport seemed good, I remembered their names, and the chatty ones calmed down, and managed to get the quiet one to put his hand up.
    It went quicker than i expected , I didn't have time to do the second part of the activity, but they enjoyed the lotto game and wanted to take their worksheets home with them.
    As I had to do a write up afterwards, then a tour of the school, by the time I went into the interview I wasn't quite so nervous.
    So today I went into town and shopped for new work clothes in the sales, fab!

  16. I didn;t get the job Iwas interviewed for, I was 'beaten by a whisper'. [​IMG]
  17. I didn;t get the job Iwas interviewed for, I was 'beaten by a whisper'. [​IMG]
    Sorry you didn't get the job, the right job will be out there for you somewhere
  18. Sorry to hear that Wren :(
  19. Thanks Simplepimples and Mandeley. It is very frustrating to be 'almost there' The Head also say that I 'almost sneaked in'. ARRRGHHH!!!!!!
    Oh well, onwards and upwards, I will back at my daugther's school in September to continue my experience.

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