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Phonetic reading books

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by helenfw, Nov 20, 2007.

  1. cariad2

    cariad2 New commenter

    We've got quite a few Jelly and Bean. I don't find them particularly interesting, but the children are enjoying them. There are plenty of books at different levels, and I like the progression.

    I love Songbirds - the purple ones are only CVC words (not even "the"), but still tell nice little stories and have attractive pictures. I just wish there were more.

    I've also got some Big Cat phonics (good, but even fewer books than Songbirds) and ReadWriteInc Phonics (also good).

    If you are getting Songbirds or RWI, then check the bookpeople website - I got mine from there and they were much much cheaper than anywhere else. They've also got come Collins Big Cat books, but NOT the decodable phonic ones.
  2. cariad2

    cariad2 New commenter

    Thanks for the link to Dandelion books. I hadn't heard of them, but they look really good.
  3. We have Songbirds for group reading and I took the plunge and bought Jelly and Bean for the books to go home...the children love them.
  4. glad to hear that buttercup - i've just splashed out on series A and B for our reception classes as take home books. holding parents meeting tomorrow to explain about phonics, blending etc
  5. Thanks for the replies!! Im stuck between Jelly and Bean and Dandylion?? Anyone used both? Which would you recommend?
  6. I've looked at both and I'd go for Dandilion. Others, I know, on here really like J & B.

    Jelly and Bean were written in the days when 'Thou must teach 45 reception words or ofsted might drop an anvil on your head'. This means that you get quite complex words that the children might not know the code for, introduced very early on (e.g. ?little?). Although many children can cope with this and all children will need to be taught it eventually, I think it?s a little harsh for children who are just getting to grips with CVC blending.

    Dandelion call some words ?sight words? even when they?re not ? (?and?, for example). However, you can just ignore this. So, I?ve got 16 books, at CVC level that can be read using just letter sounds and 8 tricky words.
    I'm not that fussed about Dandilion stories (at all) but especially further on, however you have to buy an entire set... you can't just get the early levels.
    Having said that, my children really like them and will pick them out over Songbirds, which look (to me) more appealing.
    Personally, I wouldn?t want them reading just one scheme, so get some Songbirds from book people for £9.99. The first set slot in quite well. I also use Rigby Star AND Collins Big Cat ? variety is the spice of life. I?ve had to look at every book and fit it into our teaching scheme (RWI) ? remember, a book is only decodable if the child has been taught the code!

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