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Phone interview tomorrow! Paris

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by senoritacorazon, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. Hi there

    Was wondering if there are any typical questions asked by International Schools and does anyone have any experience of working in an international school in Paris in terms of the salary, the quality of life, the job, etc?

    Any advice gratefully received, as ever!
  2. Some questions I was asked this recruiting season:
    • what does a test score represent to you?
    • what are your hobbies and how do you incorporate them into your teaching?
    • how well do you work collaberatively?
    • what are the most improtant aspects in the teaching and learning process?
    • what are your experiences in incorporating IT into your teaching?
    • what is you philosophy on using IT in the classroom?
    • how do you differentiate in the classroom?
    • why do you want to live and work here? why are you leaving your current job?
    Good luck.
  3. Paris, how wonderful!
    All the questions about classroom practice you will be able to answer, surely.
    This is the key question where you can make a difference: brief and convincing.
  4. Check the package at this school. I hear the pay is barely enough to survive on [​IMG] Paris being very expensive.
  5. Angelil

    Angelil Occasional commenter

    Hi there

    I've worked in an international school in Paris since 2008.

    My salary, I find, does the job for me, but then again I do live with my partner who earns more than I do so I am effectively a second salary; I would imagine it's a different story if you live alone. It comes out at about €25 an hour net and when I move up to the next level on the payscale (think that will be the 2012-2013 academic year) that will obviously go up.

    Quality of life: some aspects of life here are more expensive than others (basic items like fruit juice can be pretty expensive) but others are much much cheaper (I don't live in Paris - I live in a suburb and travel an hour each way to work in the city every day - but my travel bill is still under €100 a month).

    In terms of the job you have to be careful with what school you get; my first school here was awful and I left within a couple of months because of the total lack of support (even in terms of basic resources and syllabi, which wasn't immediately obvious when I went for my interview; shelves lined with shiny books etc but very little underlying curricular structure and a slapdash, bordering on dangerous approach to health and safety). The flexibility and independence that you are given can be nice on some days but is not always helpful on other days.

    Let me know if you have any questions :)
  6. Dear Angelil,
    don't know whether you're still on this forum.
    I'd be interested to know which schools you worked for in Paris.
    I've applied to EAB in Paris (pre-school and primary) to supply teach with the possibility of taking on a full-time position in September. Do you know them ? Are they nice to work for ? What is the salary like ?
    I've been offered a full-time position at pre-Kindergarten level in a school in the suburbs, but the pay is really poor.
    If anybody has any info on international schools in Paris, I'd be very grateful.
  7. Angelil

    Angelil Occasional commenter

    Hi Suzie

    Still on TES, still in Paris, still at EAB!

    Feel free to drop me a private message regarding which branch of EAB you are applying for etc, as there are several, and so my answers may not be relevant on a specific level.

    I'll also then be able to tell you more about my previous school, as we're not supposed to be naming schools on here too much. It was in Paris though, so is not the suburban school you've been offered a position at.

    Looking forward to hearing from you :)
  8. miss_saigon

    miss_saigon New commenter

    Hi Angelil,

    Are you still on this forum?
    I would like to apply to a teaching position at the ISP & other International Schools in Paris. Need your advice.
    What is the best way to reach you?

    Thank you in advance.


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