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Discussion in 'Teaching overseas' started by mrjack, Jun 28, 2018.

  1. mrjack

    mrjack New commenter

    HI All,
    I have an interview for a role in the Philippines, it is not in a big city.
    The pay is £800 a month but housing is included.
    Would you consider it ?
    The pay seems very low.
  2. ejclibrarian

    ejclibrarian Established commenter Community helper

    Umm yes. Very low. Do you get any other benefits? Flights for example.
  3. mrjack

    mrjack New commenter

    Yes One flight a year.
    Housing is free and very nice indeed but it does seem poor salary to me and would be difficult to save anything at all !
  4. ejclibrarian

    ejclibrarian Established commenter Community helper

    I'm not sure what the living costs are there but I would think it would be hard to save even if they are very low. Can you hint at the school's name?
  5. mrjack

    mrjack New commenter

    No, but I will say it is not in either of the two main Cities.
    Provincial city, small. Under 50,000 population.
  6. ejclibrarian

    ejclibrarian Established commenter Community helper

    I suppose if you dont have another job to go to, it might be worth giving it a try. Depends on how desperate you are for a job.
  7. 576

    576 Established commenter

    Use numbeo.com to check cost of living info
  8. Mickyd197se

    Mickyd197se Occasional commenter

    It's a very cheap country to live in. There's one expensive part of the country and that's the Makati/Fort area of Manila. It might not be as bad as it sounds. Although you won't save a lot, you might be able to make better savings there than at many schools in the likes of Bangkok, Singapore or HK. How much would you even spend? Much of the country is a tropical paradise, so it's not as if you'd need to travel far.

    There are two schools in Manila that pay very well by international standards, with some of the best savings potential on the international circuit. They're across the road from each other. One of those schools has a fantastic reputation as an elite international school. The other is a British school with a good reputation, but is going through some legal issues relating to a parent.

    Outside of that, not so much in terms of well-paying or desirable jobs in The Philippines.
  9. ed717

    ed717 New commenter

    I would say give it a try! I am in Sri Lanka and although the pay is nowhere near what I would earn in the UK, I am the best off financially I have ever been in my entire life. An amazing house, flights home paid for, no taxes - my outgoings in the UK absolutely crippled me, so sometimes a salary that looks low can actually mean you are much better off!
    englishdragon, 576 and ejclibrarian like this.
  10. ejclibrarian

    ejclibrarian Established commenter Community helper

    That's true. I earn less than the in the UK but am far better off than I was there. Are utilities included with the housing? That might be something to ask for if not.
  11. masty88

    masty88 New commenter

    £800 net?
  12. dumbbells66

    dumbbells66 Lead commenter

    Lets be honest @mrjack, we are all polishing a turd here. Its a terrible deal, honestly one of the lowest i have heard of in a while, but, will it be better than where you are now? It certainly will be a nicer life than the UK, and will it give you a good start on the international ladder, and can you afford to live on it? If any of these are true then go for it.
    ed717 likes this.
  13. Mickyd197se

    Mickyd197se Occasional commenter

    It's a crappy salary, let's be honest. Nobody is saying differently. However, if everything else is paid for, you might even be able to save half of that each month.

    It could be fun. If it gives you some international experience, it could be an enjoyable stepping stone to a better school, and you get to experience tropical islands. Beats shivering in Blighty in February!
    ejclibrarian likes this.
  14. mrjack

    mrjack New commenter

    I think I would be able to survive on that pay but I have twenty years experience. It's a bit of an insult really.
    I don't think I could bring myself to work for that !
  15. dumbbells66

    dumbbells66 Lead commenter

    There is hardly going to be loads of quality jobs left at this time of the year, but if you are truly desperate to get out of the UK, and who could blame you. Do your contract time and move on.
    Its a truly terrible deal, and if it was me i would wait until the better jobs start popping up in September.
  16. mrjack

    mrjack New commenter

    I will wait and possibly grab a runners job in September. I know of dive instructors in the Philippine Islands making double what this school was offering me !!
  17. dumbbells66

    dumbbells66 Lead commenter

    To be fair the cleaners at my school earn more than that :)
    Best of luck.
  18. kpjf

    kpjf New commenter

    Well, a street cleaner in Norway would probably get more than a surgeon in Tajikistan! It's all relative to cost of living. Where do you work?

    Well, don't do it then! I seem to remember you from before, talking about working abroad here then getting cold feet in the end, then a year later on Dave's ESL cafe doing the same thing and then finally getting cold feet. Are you actually going to go through with it this time (working abroad)? Or just post another thread in 2019 considering it again.

    (Apologies if you are currently working outside of the UK)
  19. mrjack

    mrjack New commenter

    Well, kpjf I have worked abroad in three different countries so don't assume that I don't have it in me to work abroad because I have done it three times before. I have just found it difficult to be honest to find something suitable over the last few years and because of my yoyo travelling when younger I guess I have become a bit of a " Jack of all trades " and we all know the rest of the saying...
  20. kpjf

    kpjf New commenter

    Ok, sorry, I just remember you on Dave's asking about TEFL then disappearing, and here the same thing about teaching abroad and the suddenly you're asking about it again. I'm not saying you don't have it in you, rather that you get tempted then get cold feet.

    Which countries did you work in?

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