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Phew... eek... dammit... erm!

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by fenty, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. Ok - just got diagnosed with depression - am torn between being relieved cos I'm not just an unbelievably grumpy and dippy cow, scared cos now I have a label & medication, irritation cos I've coped with this numerous times before & come out of it by myself, and just plain downright don't quite know how to react.
    I have a desire to take the p out of the whole situation, which is my ususal defence mechaniam, but can't raise the energy.
    Thought this might be a good place to just get it said.
    And... Do I have to declare it at work?
  2. Hello Fenty,

    Well done.. it may be a label but now you can hopefully get the support and meds you may need.
    I wouldn't declare it at work.. don't think you have to.

  3. It'll be easier now you're getting help. It's nice to know that a doctor is on your side.

    Don't worry about the label business. Everyone will want it if you've got it. Your a trend setter!

    (Honestly it's bad enough without worrying about other people. )
  4. Thank you so much for replying. It does feel better, to know that I can do something to start feeling better.
  5. You sound like me. I can look back now at other times in my life a realise that I was depressed and like you had managed to get myself out of it. However, this time I had lots of anxiety as well as the depression and the reason I went to the doctors was because that this time I didn't feel like I could get myself out on my own.
    I have told my work and the people there I have told have been very supportive. However, when told them I knew that these people see the mental health of the children as very important, so hoped they would be the same with me and they were.

  6. That's exactly it - what on earth have I got to be depressed about? (except I hate my job, but that's over in 15 weeks & 4 days!) It made things worse that I'm getting married in 4 months and am expected to be on Cloud 9. I had to explain it as being like the difference between being cold and having a cold.
    I'm glad writing this is rooting me to my desk - I very much want to go home & hide under the duvet today.
  7. Yes indeed. I went because the way I was feeling and acting was heading towards destroying the good stuff I am surrounded by...which I don't think would have made me feel much better, in the long run. [​IMG]
  8. Most of us manage to battle through adverse life events without falling apart. I don't think the connection between sh1t happening and depression is very clear. When I suffered a breakdown it happened on a particularly happy day (last day of term!) during a period of general happiness. That's why I thought it was a heart attack! [​IMG]
  9. Mr Soon-to-be-fenty is now coping better by putting the word 'clinically' in front of 'depressed' - I think the sort of medical connotations make it sound less like 'down in the dumps'!
    How did you cope, Lily? That must have been very scary.
  10. BelleDuJour

    BelleDuJour Star commenter

    I agree Lily, but with me it was often the shit event that made the lid to blow and send me down the depressive route. That's not the same as the **** causing depression per se.
    I too have been depressed through what were, in reality, very happy times.
  11. Sorry to drag this up again, but I'm on the scrounge for advice. One of my problems is not sleeping very well, but being too tired to get up & entertain myself. Once I've lain awake from 4ish, I'm screaming bored by 8, which doesn't bode well for the day when Mr stb-fenty drifts gently awake and drapes himself all over me for a lie-in.
    Anyway, (easily distracted much!) I bought myself some Nytol, thinking I might be less of a snappy cow if I could sleep better. Kalms, lavender baths, Horlicks, etc etc don;t work btw. Got home, read the label, & the first bit of advice says not to be taken if on anti-depressant medication. [​IMG] So I had a strop & hit the bottle instead. Slept better but woke up feeling ****. Does anyone know of anything I CAN take?
  12. Hello,

    I'm on anti-depressants and take the tesco version of nytol. They seem to help and don't cause any nasty side effects. I've got sleeping tablets from the doctor but only take one if I haven't slept for ages. Yes they work but they are addictive and leave you feeling half dead the next day.

    If I were in your position I would try the nytol. Some people say it's rubbish, some people swear by them. I'm not a doctor though (thank goodness!) and you should discuss it with your doctor. Just be careful about going down the sleeping tablet route for the reasons I mentioned earlier.
  13. I don't know whether you can take it but for the first couple of weeks I started taking my medication I couldn't sleep. I would go to bed and still be awake hours later.
    After that though and still now I am sleeping ok ish, just would sleep all the time if I could so I have to make myself get up.
    I was told the best thing to do was get in a sleep routine, that way your body knows it is time to sleep. Lots of stuff online about this.

  14. Thanks for replying. (tbh it's half term & I'm stuck in my room with very little to do but online crosswords, emails & this - so thanks indeed!)
    The not sleeping is a long-term thing, I'm afraid - it predates the depression by most of my life. I'm kind of used to it, & have got very good at just patiently waiting for it to be time to get up. I have, however, become very aware, since the depression, of how short-tempered I am, and thought if I could remove this one irritation, I might be better at being less so.
    I'm back at the doc's in a couple of weeks - I'll ask then.
  15. Does knowing that the expectation of a partner who knows you are off work and must therefor per se be totally up for it GET ON YOUR WICK? I only ask because it bloody got on mine.
    Only telling him will sort that one out.
  16. Lol, Lily!
    Erm... I'm not off work - half term in this private training company just means oceans of paperwork & a blissful lack of noise, testosterone, Lynx, etc. for a week.
    And I actually literally meant for a lie-in. [​IMG] He could sleep for England.
  17. Sorry to drag this up again, but I could do with some sensible talking to. I've started 2 emails to friends, but am afraid of tiring their patience by yapping on about myself all the time. There are enough of you that if some of you tut and move on, one or two might stay...
    Gods, how pathetic was that?? [​IMG]

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