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Phd Research on the Prevent duty and British values

Discussion in 'Governors' started by PhDResearcher, Aug 2, 2017.

  1. PhDResearcher

    PhDResearcher New commenter


    I am a PhD researcher at Queen Mary University of London looking at the impacts of the Prevent duty and fundamental British values on teachers, schools and wider communities in London. The first stage of the research involves me interviewing teachers, headteachers and governors on their perspectives on the duty and British values. This is an opportunity for governors to reflect on their understanding of both policies and whether it impacts on their role.

    This study will focus only on London so I am keen to hear from governors who work in London schools, particularly those responsible for safeguarding. If you agree to take part in an interview on the topic, please message me and we can schedule a date/time that is convenient for you. All information gathered will be confidential and anonymised.

    I am happy to speak further about this in detail so please feel free to message me. Alternatively, you can reply to this thread with some thoughts on the above duties.
  2. Lattelady

    Lattelady New commenter

    I chair a Primary School in Stepney, you are very welcome to talk to me... am sure if you want to talk to other members of staff that can be arranged. The other place to talk to is Tower Hamlets Education Partnership who I am sure will help.
  3. PhDResearcher

    PhDResearcher New commenter

    Hi there

    Thank you for getting in touch. Can you message me your email address privately please and I can send you further information about the project?

    I look forward to hopefully working with you!

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