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Phased Return - advise please

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by shellface, Apr 21, 2010.

  1. Hi, any advice welcome I keep going round and round in circles and can't seem to make a decision!

    I have been off sick (Diagnosed CDH) for almost 3 mths I am due to go back on a phased return. I am in contact with OCH and my Union.
    Basically it would appear that if I go back on my phased return and all goes well, I go back to normall and can work my full time table then it's back to full pay etc.
    If it does not go so well, I can't cope and I can't go back to working a full timetable then my pay gets docked to half pay or equivalent pro rota depending on hours I have worked.
    However if I don't go back and I get signed off sick instead, I can continue on full pay untill my 6 mths entitlement is up!

    How is this encouraging me to get back in the classroom exactly????!!!

    I really do not know what to do for the best!!!! I WANT to work I really do crazy as that sounds. I just don't know untill I am infront of 30 students how I will cope. I need to do it to find out. but do I want to risk loosing pay for the priviledge?

    what are your thoughts? have you been in a similar situation? all advice welcome :)
  2. chuk

    chuk New commenter

    You have not had this explained to you clearly. You would still be paid a full-time wage even if you are on a phased return. (unless you do not a have a permanent contract or you are on supply). What hours are they asking you to work?
    I have been off for 8 weeks, and there has never ben any discussion about a drop in pay on a phased return. I am also in contact with my union, and am due to visit occupational health.
  3. no it has been explained clearly, I just havent explained it clearly here.
    if I go back on a phased return I will quite rightly as you say be paid full pay. If I then return to full working hours...the point of a phased return everyone is happy and we get on with our lves :)

    what if I find part way through the phased return I can not manage to work? this is where I then drop to half pay as I have failed to complete the phased return. bums. I therefore I have penalised myself by attempting to go back to work and am now on half pay.

    scenario B

    I don't bother with a phased return right now...I leave it for a bit longer I get signed of sick for a bit longer and stay on full pay

    can you see the predicament? because I will just have to face this all again anyway...humph

    what to do what to do what to do???
  4. Surely it depends if you feel well enough to cope with a phrased return now. If you feel you could cope, then I'm not sure staying off is fair on the school. If you don't feel that you can cope, then yes stay off for the time being.
  5. Torey

    Torey Occasional commenter

    Maybe I'm misunderstanding, but if you were full time and do a phased return you are still paid full time not when you return to full working hours. You'd only go to half pay when your allocation has run out and a phased return won't change that.
    If you are not well you need to stay off. If you stay off then they are likely to start proceedings against you. However, if you come back and go off they will also start proceedings.
  6. angel09

    angel09 New commenter

    I have been on 2 phase returns. The first one failed and I was sign off till end of term and like Torey said I was threatened with all sorts.
    The 2nd time it was more successful but I did have a few set back and absences too.
    I am now part time.
    Like previous advice given, surely you are the only person who know whether you are well enough to try a phase return? If you can you ought to try it as part of your recovery process as full time teaching is very stressful and it would be a way to ease yourself back.
    If you are not well enough then your health is more important? pm me if you want more details. Best wishes.

  7. Hi ,
    Can you help me as this I am confused.
    I am a head, had cranial surgery and have been off 97 days on full pay.
    My GP has signed me back from 19.9.11, however suggested a phased return.
    I attended a return to work meeting today; HR and the school will not allow me back until an up to date Occ H report has been done.
    They said I should work 6 hours next week.
    Later I was emailed to say I would only be paid full pay for 6 hours and half pay for the rest of the week, I was shocked as this was not clarified at the meeting with union rep present.
    Surely a phased return is on normal pay as your absence is deemed to have stopped.
  8. lilykitty

    lilykitty New commenter

    I'm not sure how the previous poster got on, but when I was on a phased return I was paid my usual salary, and my head was certainly not one to be generous! If there was a way to avoid doing this I'm pretty sure she would have found it!
    Maybe Occ H can help clarify? When you say HR, do you mean your local authority HR or just the school? I would definitely follow this up with union and LA (if appropriate in your situation).
  9. HR, LA HR, say it is LA policy not to pay full time for phased returns, policy does not state this though so have asked for evidence and it was not agreed at the 'formal' meeting. Seems silly as it will just encourage me to return sooner, then I may end up absent again.
    HR will also prolong, they say it may be 2 months before I can see Occ H!

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