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Phase 6 Letters and Sounds Weekly planning??

Discussion in 'Primary' started by freshfield, Sep 12, 2010.

  1. Have come across some detailed weekly planning, 3 weeks, from phase 6 which I downloaded last year. It's brilliant and I can't find the remaining weeks! Have been through Resources and Google (the person said they had planned for 24 weeks) Has anyone any idea/or know of such plans? - sorry it's vague, but it's super work. Many thanks.
  2. Are you perhaps thinking of LCP phonics? Nicola Byrne put some of her planning up and it was so popular she published it with LCP. The first three weeks are generally available for all phases. For the rest - you have to buy the scheme.
    Use the above link to see if it is the same planning.
    Alternatively, look at Support for Spelling which starts at Year 2 and moves into KS2.
    It follows Phase 6 but is slightly more detailed.
    You can download this from the Strategies site.
    Hope this helps.

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