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Phase 6 activities for TA to do

Discussion in 'Primary' started by janemac, Dec 9, 2012.

  1. As it says really - need to send out the TA with top group (Y2) while I teach phonics to phase 5 lot, so are there any simple games/activites she can be doing for 10 minutes or so? Have thought of hangman to reinforce previously taught suffixes/prefixes; compound word bingo but am a bit of a blank.Thanks
  2. modgepodge

    modgepodge Occasional commenter

    Tbh, while they sound like lovely fun activities, you need to think carefully what you want the TA to teach. Quite a lot of phase 6 is teaching and making explicit the rules for spelling eg when you add 'ing' or 'ed'. I often get kids to read words and see if they can work out what the rules are for themselves. Or send them off to read a book and locate certain word types for themselves. Just playing games like hangman is fairly pointless unless there's some teaching first.

    Activities I'd suggest are: looking through books for example words, looking at words with suffixes added and finding out what the rule is, sorting words, writing words and sentences froma root word.
  3. Thank you for those ideas - of course I would teach the suffix etc first, just have been told that for phonics I cannot have the whole class on the carpet and must use the ta to differentiate, so am trying to make sure that I am teaching both groups and not just leaving the bottom group to her. She is good at supporting the la with phonics but phase 6 is new to her.

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