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Phase 5 L&S Games

Discussion in 'Primary' started by misssunshine84, May 1, 2011.

  1. Hi there

    I have an interview this week where I have to teach 15mins Phase 5 Letters and sounds. I am currently Y2 teacher so am pretty familiar with the ins and outs of phase 5. I use the Phonics play website a lot with my current class and I love all the TES iboard phonics resources.
    Just really want it to be a wow 15 mins, so thought i'd ask if anyone has any different ideas/games of phase 5 activities they use that work really well that the children love. As it's so easy to fall into using the same things over and over and get into a bit of a rut, particluarly if it's things the children like, but any suggestions of new things please I'd be very grateful
    Thanks for any replies [​IMG]

  2. jojoincharge

    jojoincharge New commenter

    15 mins isn't long to show how much you can really do, so the best of luck to you!!!
    the Devon literacy team have a wide range of games and interactive phonics things for you to access free - here is the phonics page link for you http://www.devonldp.org/v.asp?level2id=391&level3=1303&rootid=17&level2=391&depth=3&folderid=1303
    I would say the most important thing for your interview wouldn't be about the izzy whizzy games you use, but more about how the children learn their phonics; sometimes the games get in the way of the learning - fingers crossed for you!

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