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Phase 1 phonics planning for nursery

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by star1382, Feb 29, 2008.

  1. Hi
    Does anybody have this which i could take a look at please. Also how often througout the week do u do it- we do it everyday for 10-15 mins in focus groups but on our network day they advised 3 times a week

    Thanks Star
  2. bump!
  3. hi,
    we do phonics and language activities every day as well. to find the phase 1 activities, you could download the letters and sounds booklet from the dfes website.
    i ordered a copy to my house and it has lots of good ideas in it.
  4. Hi yeah ive got that and do the activities from that. Just wondered what peoples planning formats were like in nursery how detailed were they? at the moment i just put down objectives and actiities. Is this enough?

  5. do you do a focused time for this everyday? how do you find the time??? I do it a few times a week but add in other activites other wise i have no time for stories and rhymes etc
  6. Yes after registration in key worker groups we do phonics i.e. letters and sounds only for 10/15 mins but its working really well. Also have a singing session everyday.
  7. yes about 3 times a week for 10 minutes each - i dip into phase 1 and revisit again if my key worker children don't quite get it!
    we do it 3 mornings a week - 1 morning is stay and play with an adult / parent the other morning is maths activity - i have a weekly overview sheet split into rows e.g. resources / learning ob's / activity / look listen & note - i also add ext ideas for the activity section - we highlight red - need to do again most don't get it! orange some get it green= got it! - hope that makes sense?!
  8. star1382 - let me know your email and i could forward a sample to you if that would help?!
  9. that would be great thank you
    my e mail is: spanner2000uk@yahoo.com

    I dip around to but make sue i have covered diffeent aspects eack week suitable for my different aged/ ability children.

    Thanks star x
  10. Ay up me duck, your planning sounds really useful I'm sure I could reduce the amount of repeats I do. Please could you email me a copy?
    As for phonics we have 2 dedicated sessions a week in 2 groups, otherwise it gets done in circle time or at songs and rhymes time at the end of the session
  11. Hello there, could i possibly have a copy too please
    Thank you muchly!
  12. Ay up me duck
    Would you please be kind enough to forward a copy too
    as you sound as you have it well organised
  13. Hi I am new to nursery having come from school. I am fighting against my seting doing jolly phonics and want to introduce Letters and sounds. If I could arm myself with some good planning I may make more of an impact. Therefore may I have a copy of your planning too Ay up my duck, would appreciate it.



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