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Phase 1 phonics activities outdoors

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by helssparkle17, Nov 7, 2010.

  1. dear mag can you pse send me the resource too. tks
  2. Would love a copy if you are still sending?

  3. Hi Magmac
    Please may I have a copy of your resource too. Thanks v much in advance!
  4. OK Sent!
  5. I would appreciate access to your resource too please.
  6. windax123

    windax123 New commenter


    Would you be able to send the resources to me as well please?


    ps. My email: kikas_winda644@hotmail.com
  7. OK Sent!
  8. Hi Magmac,
    This resource sounds like just what I'm looking for, any chance you could let me have it too please? Thankyou in anticipation!
  9. OK Sent!
  10. Hi, your resource sounds just what i'm looking for, any chance you could send me a copy please. My e-mail is dthor@sky.com. Thanks
  11. Can I please have a copy? nicimarshall@hotmail.com Thank you!
  12. OK Sent!
  13. Hi there, would you please send me a copy am just about to support the Nursery teacher to do just this...!


  14. OK Sent!
  15. Hi there, would you please send me a copy too ? We are currently developing in this area .
    Thanks in advance xxxx

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