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Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by Leapmoorlass, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. 'M' is out
  2. my surname begins with m and iv heard nothing ? anyone else ?x
  3. Nothing for me either, losing my mind!xx
  4. I'm N and I haven't heard. I'm really disappointed and don't want to have to wait another full day or even longer.
  5. Hey Kezzy, nope I've heard nothing either & my surname is M :-( x
  6. My surname is Maxwell and literally just got an email saying that I have a Conditional offer. So happy!! Good luck to everyone else x
  7. xnuttynickix

    xnuttynickix New commenter

    I have just recieved my email and i am W got interviewed on 1st march. got an unconditional x
  8. I'm M as well and heard nothing. Even checked GTTR, no change.
  9. I got an unconditional!! Cannot stop smiling! This was my 3rd attempt & I've been 3rd time lucky!!! Gill x
  10. Well done and congratulations sarahm91!! :)

    Just hope its not tomorrow now for us waiting arghhh! lol xxx
  11. I got an unconditional too! Hope the rest of you hear soon Alix
  12. I am thinking the worst now as I've not heard either.
  13. I've not heard either, I'm starting to worry now :(
  14. Me too :( xx
  15. Well done to everyone who has been offered a place! Keeping my fingers crossed for everyone else, remember no news is good news!
    Was thinking it might be nice to get to know some folks on the course before it starts. I saw other PGDE groups have made groups on facebook so maybe we ought to do something like that? I'm really not too sure how to though! :p.
    Keeping my fingers crossed for everyone who is waiting to hear!
    Laura x
  16. Same here :-( I'm thinking if you were a definate yes then you wld prob have heard yest or today. I'm still hoping but I'm not feeling v positive anymore. Although no news is good news as my lecturer said!
  17. my surname begins with an O and nothing!!
    has anyone heard anything today?
  18. This is ridiculous, even if we haven't got in how hard is it for them to tell us ? im getting really annoyed now x
  19. it's now 6pm, is that it for today then?
    anybody get an offer/rejection today
  20. I know, why do they have to inform people in different batches? I suppose at least it looks as though we won't be waiting as long as some Aberdeen students - some of them got in yet a cple weeks later & some ppl still haven't heard! I really hope they tell us all this week. Forgot to ask before, but what is this 'extras' thing that was mentioned in an earlier post? Might sound silly, but I've no idea what that is!

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