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Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by Leapmoorlass, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. Looks like folks are hearing from Dundee now so finger crossed for more good news today! x
  2. Eeek! I'm counting down the hours to 5.30pm. Hopefully the 'M's will hear today! I'm so distracted from my Uni work that I need to know soon otherwise I won't have a degree to get in haha. Well done to everyone that has made it in so far :) x
  3. I can relate to that Sarah! I'm now distracted waiting to see how everyone else gets on! Hoping you get good news today! What's your degree in?
    Laura x
  4. Hi everyone :) I'm going to apply for strathclyde next year if I am unsuccessful to Dundee this year. I am current only studying for my ordinary degree and I am unsure whether or not to go for my honours or take a year out for full time experience! What degrees and experiences do you all hold? And do yous have ordinary or honours degrees - I am unsure whether or not anyone with an ordinary degree actually gets a chance! :)
  5. Hi Staeeex,
    I'm going for my honours degree this year, but know a few people who were invited for interviews with ordinary degrees, so it doesn't seem to be a huge problem? Perhaphs contact the University if you are unsure? The webpage does state that ordinary level degrees are fine though :). Best of luck to you!
    Laura x
  6. I'm glad I'm not the only one Laura! I'm studying Economic and Social History so absolutely nothing to do with Primary Teaching haha! What about you?

    Staceeex- My friend has an ordinary degree and didn't get an interview for Strathclyde but got a place at UWS. I think it probably completely depends on individual circumstances and how much experience you have. The only thing I would say, from speaking to my Gran who is a Headteacher, is that if you want to move up in your career it may be more beneficial to have a honours degree. But I think if you're a good candidate they'll take you regardless of your degree classification :)

  7. Aww, that's the degree my boyfriend has. Looks interesting, but I'm told it's a lot of work! Mines will (hopefully!) be in Genetics!
    Laura x
  8. Thanks for your help - hopefully I get into Dundee! I would have put Strathclyde/Glasgow as my first choices but applied late as had a last minute change of heart and unfortunately their applications were closed! Uws have also closed their applications though I don't know if any vacancies will arise as their application process is throug their website so maybe people who have been offered vacancies for their will choose places which they have been offered through GTTR?
  9. Does anyone know if you get the email telling you to login to GTTR even if you are unsuccessful ? I'm pining my hopes on getting an email but it just occurred to me that it might be to tell me I am in successful :-(
  10. Hi Angela,
    The email notification simply alerts you to a change in your GTTR status so I guess one would come regardless of whether you were successful or not so long as your GTTR was updated. Hopefully it is good news for you though! :)
    Laura x
  11. Thanks for that, the wait is killing me......just want to be put out of my misery!!
  12. I have to find out tonight either way, I honestly can't take this wait anymore!! My nerves are shot!!
  13. I'm the same, so nervous, I need to know now!! Best of luck to everyone!! :) xxx
  14. I got an email telling me to go to GTTR... when I went onto GTTR, it asked me for passport details before I could find out I got in! xxx
  15. Me too! I think I may find out tonight as my surname is Munro - arghhh! it is going to drag for the next half hour lol x
    Good luck everyone waiting xx
  16. My surname is Mitchell so I'm thinking the same thing! This is driving me mad! xx
  17. I am going to go and clean something for a while lol!! xx
  18. I'm sat refreshing this page waiting to see if you guys have heard! Best of luck to you all I really really hope there is some good news tonight! :)
    Laura x
  19. This is worse than I thought. I am a nervous wreck!
  20. Still nothing and it is half past.... :(

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