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Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by Leapmoorlass, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. Hi Laura, can i ask if u got an interview for west of scotland as well ? i heard a few people talking about it at the interviews, i didnt realise u could be interviewed for both uni's xxx
  2. lauratidge

    lauratidge New commenter

    Good Luck to everyone who hasn't heard yet, I'm sure GTTR will email soon.
    I received an unconditional offer tonight, so happy to hear after all that waiting.
    Fingers crossed :)
  3. I had my interview on the 28th and got an un-conditional offer! xxx
  4. I reckon i wont be in, i imagine they will tell the successful candidates first xx
  5. Hi Kezzyxx,

    I did get an interview for UWS as well, but did not gain a place (something which I found out just a few days before my Strathclyde interview!). As UWS don't go through GTTR you can apply to them seperately through their own website :)
    Laura xo
  6. Well done to everyone who has heard so far! Looking forward to meeting you all in August! :)
  7. Heard nothing yet! Assuming the worst! Aaaargh, this wait is torture!!
  8. I'm in too- cant quite believe it!!!!
    Keeping my fingers crossed for everyone else
  9. I wonder if they are still sending emails tonight....might be tomorrow we hear.
  10. Got offered a place!! Soo thrilled!! Actually amazing! Fingers crossed for everyone else xxxxx
  11. Well done to everyone so far, really hope I get an email tomorrow!! Don't think I will be able sleep tonight.
  12. Good luck to everyone! <3 xxx
  13. Anyone who found out today get interviewed on 1st March?
  14. Hey! Congrats to everyone who has got in so far!! I was also March 1st, they might be going through applicants based on their interview date which by the sounds of it was alphabetical! Myself and my friend are both waiting to hear and both our surnames begin with R. Fingers crossed we won't have long to wait!! Gill x
  15. I got offered a place too! So relieved. Well done to everyone else who got in, I look forward to meeting you in August. Good luck to everyone else still waiting to hear back!
  16. Hi girls I am also waiting to hear and had my interview on the 28th. My surname begins with N. I'm trying to study for my higher maths prelim tomorrow evening but I am so distracted. I was also asked about how I would cope with the demands of the course and if there were any aspects of it that I was worried or nervous about. I wasn't expecting to be asked that and started waffling. I was actually cringing when I came out because I used the phrase 'super-excited' in my answer! Fine when I'm dealing with my kids but not very professional in an interview LOL! Good luck. x
  17. Heard elsewhere that GTTR only updates once a day at 5-5:30pm... dont know how much truth is in that but got mines about that time yesterday xxx
  18. I've heard this too, and friends of mine who were offered places for high school teaching told me they always got emails between 5 and 5:30ish, so perhaps there is some element of truth?
    Laura x
  19. yeah, i've heard the same. i'll be checking every 30 seconds from 5pm-6pm tonight! fingers crossed! x

  20. Good luck in your maths exam by the way! xx

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