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Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by Leapmoorlass, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. Still nothing.... Has anyone contacted the uni? xxx
  2. I'm in the same boat as you Asheigh. I guess taking a year out wouldn't be awful as so many people do seem to have to reapply. Suppose all we can do is keep our fingers crossed. Hopefully we will get some news soon. I'm betting Thursday as I have a presentation to complete and so won't be able to check my emails!
    Laura xo
  3. I was wondering that as well x was wondering if anyone at least knows something xx
  4. I'm trying to stay calm but not easy as everyone at work keeps asking me if I've heard yet.
  5. I got in! :) xxx
  6. aw well done :) was it on track ?x
  7. Did you just find out? Well done! did you get an email or was it just by logging in?
  8. Hey everyone, was just checking to see if anyone had heard back yet. Well done to the person above!! :) And good luck to everyone else still waiting. I'm trying not to get my hopes up as I'm the same, this is only my first yr applying & everyone I spoke to on the day it was there 2nd attempt. Keeping my fingers crossed though! Emma
  9. People will get an email from GTTR telling them to log and check. It saves checking track all the time.
  10. Got an email telling me my GTTR status had been updated! Good luck peeps! <3 xxx
  11. I got in, conditionally based on getting my degree! So happy! Has anyone else heard yet?
    Laura xo
  12. What time did you hear at? Last year I got an email at like 5pm.
  13. Ohhh my gosh this is making me feel even more nervous!! I want to hear so badly.
  14. I got my email at 5:30 today :) xo
  15. Congrats on getting in. No doubt we will all hear within the next couple of days. It's getting real now lol.
  16. Got my email at 5:33pm xxx
  17. My name is pretty high in the alphabet so perhaps they are working through it like that? Best of luck to you all I have my fingers crossed! xo
  18. I'm sure everyone will here back before the 14th cause that's when extras starts! Good luck again folks xxxx
  19. That was my next question. lol My surname is Robb and interviewed on the 1st so expect to be one of the last to know!! We realised then the interviews seemed to be in alphbetical order. Well done for getting your place.
  20. Thank you :). Yeah I was interviewed on the first day, so they are likely just working through them! I absolutely understand how annoying the waiting is though. I had to wait ages to hear back from UWS! I hope you all hear in the next few days, sure you will though.
    Laura xo

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