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Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by Leapmoorlass, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. can you imagine what it's going to be like when the first person posts that they have their decison?! aaargh, cant log into track quick enough!!
  2. I feel the same! I have never been so anxious. It is just knowing that if it is an unsuccessful decision the wait is another year! It feels like our lives are in the hands of the University lol! I cannot wait till this is over - at least we will know!
  3. nikkibobs83,

    I feel the exact same i have nothing to when i finish uni next month its so scary
  4. I promised myself that I would only check my emails once a day......but I just can't!!
    On the plus side, we have already survived on week and this time next week we will all have been put out of our misery......for better or worse :-/
  5. It's a painful wait isn't it! I had my interview on the 21st of February. Was reading through these forum posts and it's great news about the extra places this year - 109 more than last year (a total of 306)! Plus Glasgow uni had an increase of 67 places, which means that 67 people who might have chosen Strathclyde as a second choice and might have received a place will simply be accepted at Glasgow. So, that's even more hope!

    I'm so anxious now. Hopefully next week!
  6. I see the U of Edinburgh has started to award places too.
  7. Hi Laura,

    I hope your interview went well :) how do you think you did?

    I've got my interview next week and I'm jabbering now with cfe " successful learner, confident individual"LOL what do you think they focus on with the cfe and current issues? there is so much to read about everything! any advice?xx best of luck
  8. Hi Bsaadali,
    My interview seemed okay, the interviewers were nice which always helps I think! Just keeping my finers crossed now. With my interview they really did gear it towards my own experiences, for example "give an example of a challenging situation you have witnesed in a classroom and how it was dealt with". They asked me about current issues in education, so obviously that is your real chance to show what you know about cfe, inclusion etc but managing to include it in your other answers would obviously be an advantage I think :). My advice would be too reflect as much as you can on the experience you have and be prepared to talk about it. And just try to relax!
    Laura xo
    Ps: hoping this is the week we hear back guys! Anyone want to guess when they think that will be!? :p
  9. My questions were terrible And i Really think its going to have stopped me getting in now :( i Was asked what do i think the demands of the course are, how would i keep up with the demands, never got a question which i Could talk about all my experience, im gutted
  10. lauratidge

    lauratidge New commenter

    I agree that hopefully it will be this week we hear back. My interview was in the very first session on the first day and seems like forever ago now even though it was only just over 2 weeks.
    Lets hope by Wed maybe? Though the sooner the better if you ask me.

    Good Luck everyone!!

    Laura :)
  11. No doubt after everybody has had their interviews we should soon find out.
  12. We were told on Thursday the 28th that we were the second last day, and Friday the 1st was going to be the last day. Was anyone else under that impression?
  13. Tabby831, Yeah i heard that too ! I just realised that the Extra process starts soon so they are going to have to tell us asap incase people have to use it !
  14. Yes, I was under that impression. I thought there were 4 days of interviews - 21st, 22nd, 28th and 1st?
  15. So are they still interviewing people?! Yeah I saw that it starts on the 14th, hopefully we'll hear before then. I'm so so nervous, the more I think about my interview and hear how other people's went the more I start to panic!
  16. At my interview they said we should hear about 2 weeks after the last interview date, which they said then was the 1st? So hopefully we hear by the end of this week at the latest!
    Laura xo
  17. I really don't think i am in but i would like to just be put out my misery now , surely they must know by now x
  18. lauratidge

    lauratidge New commenter

    They had 5 days worth of interviews, 1st March being the last day.
    We should hear soon! :)
  19. I'm sure they mentioned they had a couple this week as there were a few people that could not make the interview dates.
  20. Hi guys,
    Like the rest of you I feel as though I’ve
    been waiting for an eternity to hear back from my interview! Either way I just
    want to be put out of my misery! I am prepared for it being a no, as I know how
    hard it is to be accepted on your first try and the majority of people I spoke
    to on my interview day were there for their second, third or even fourth
    attempts. It’s going to be a long year to have to wait to re-apply if that is
    the case though, and I graduate in July and I really don’t know what to do with
    myself if I don’t get offered a place! Fingers crossed we will know by the end
    of this week!</font>


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