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Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by Leapmoorlass, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. Yep, that's prob the best thing to do! As you said there's nothing that can be done about it now. Forgot to ask (just out of curiosity!) if this was anyone else's first PGDE interview? Everyone I spoke to yest had attended interviews last yr, which kind of made me mre nervous! Also spoke to quite a few ppl who have already been offered a place at UWS for PGDE Primary
  2. Hi Emma,
    This was for my first time being interviewed for the PGDE primary courses too! I did have an interview for UWS, but sadly was not offered a place (I found this out only a few days before my Strathclyde interview, talk about terrible timing!).
    Laura xo
  3. Aww, that is rubbish timing Laura! But I'm sure it made u walk in there even mre determined! :) Those I spoke with who had a place at UWS were very laid back about yest (which made me look even mre of a nervous wreck!) To be honest I was a little surprised to hear of applicants going into an interview for PGDE while having secured a place elsewhere, but I'm not really familiar with UWS so I'm unsure of their application procedure, etc. I'm just trying to think positive, especially after hearing the number of places they have this yr - eeek!
  4. I had 6 questions. Some were comfortable to answer and others, looking back, could have been better. I'd imagine most people would have had a similar experience, that's just how interviews go. I'm planning ahead just in case it doesn't happen this year and considering starting a masters. I would have 17 months to kill until August 2014!

    Good luck everyone.
  5. I'm still going over my answers in my head! I was a little surprised that more people hadn't applied to UWS. I would have thought that everyone would apply to all available courses to increase their chances of getting in somewhere.
    Oh well....only a few weeks to wait to find out about Strathclyde!
  6. Hi GillRoxy,
    Glad you did well in your interview and good luck! I'm not becoming really nervous waking up in the middle of nights to read cfe! I become very tense in interview situation and afraid this will ruin my chances. Any advice would be fabxx
  7. Hi bsaadali! The interviewers really are lovely they aren't there to trip you up! I got asked 6 questions, they had a list in from of them & picked out 6 to ask me so everyone will be different! I kept referring to my own experiences in my answers. When is your interview? Gill x
  8. OK, it's almost been a week. Who else is starting to check their inbox/track 20 times a day? Just me?
  9. You're not alone Danielle!! I keep telling myself that if we were to find out this week it would likely be Friday at the earliest!! My phone has been glued to my hand since Monday!! Gill x
  10. I'm the same...wondering if it will be one big email telling everybody even if you have been unsuccessful , rather than letting some people know first???
  11. I've been reading forums from previous years (loser i know!) and i think offers come in drips and drabs....
  12. Last year it was in drips and drabs and GTTR always updated between 5pm and 5.30pm.
  13. was it the full 2 weeks you waited to find out last year?
  14. It was just under two weeks last year, but there were people who heard in the days leading up to then.
  15. ok, I'm going to try and forget all about it til at least the middle of next week!
  16. Hello
    I had my interview on the 1st of March and have been checking GTTR ever since. Glad to know I'm not the only one!
  17. Still no news here :( Wondering if today will be the day.
  18. I really hope so!! Put me out of my misery please!! I have a funny feeling it won't be until the middle of next week though! xx
  19. I hope not! Been so long already!
  20. I am now having mini panics whenever anyone posts in this thread! I was hoping we would find out today, but do think it's more likely to be next week. We can but hope though!
    Laura xo

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