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Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by Leapmoorlass, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. the ones that were mentioned earlier in these posts as well as what qualities/skills i have that i think will make me a good teacher, why i want to teach, how my past experiences will help me etc and then just cfe and aifl stuff. what about you?
  2. pretty much the same!! qualities and skills, cfe stuff, and reflecting on my experiences.... feel like i'm doing nothing but this but also know nothing simultaneously, starting to seriously doubt myself!
  3. me too! We should shake the doubt off, think positively! we'll be fine!!
  4. Yes I had mine on Friday and no it wasn't scary. The presentation about the course helps put you at ease. Everyone looked really nervous I think, it's just because we all want it so much. Good luck with yours x
  5. Everyone saying how nice it is is calming me a bit :) did they give any idea as to the number of people they are interviewing and how many spaces they think they have? did you feel it went well? :)
  6. I came out with a good feeling so hoping for good news but as time goes by I'm analysing the answers I gave and doubt is creeping in. I can't remember the exact number of places she said there were but it had increased from last year quite dramatically so good news for us!
  7. That is fab! :) best of luck, I'm sure you've done well... it would be so hard to get knocked back, I know how much everyone must want this!
  8. Hey everyone,
    My interview is on Friday at 8.30! Getting really nervous now, just trying to prepare for some questions and trying to think of all the questions they could ask me!! :p I'm now starting to worry that my answers aren't long enough! Just starting to second guess myself for everything now I think!
    Ashleigh :)
  9. Hi everyone, been following this thread & I'm feeling the same way as most of you about the interview! I've got mine tomorrow at 8.30, I've never been so nervous before! Good luck to everyone with interviews & thanks to those who've already been & posted advice, greatly appreciated :)
  10. Hey everyone,
    I think you should all take a wee look at this link: http://www.sfc.ac.uk/newsinformation/Circulars/2013/Circulars_SFC022013.aspx
    Table 4 shows the intake figures for teaching courses and as you can see Strathclyde has been given quite an increase in place numbers! Hopefully this is good news for us. Good luck to everyone with interviews tomorrow. I have my fingers crossed for you all!
    Laura xo
  11. The number of places this year has made me so happy!! Does anyone know how many people are getting interviewed? :)
  12. My interview is also at 8.30 tomorrow morning....can't believe it's the night before my interview, my head is spinning with CfE,literacy, numeracy and all sorts of other things!!
    Doubt I will sleep a wink tonight and will probably be outside the uni before it even opens tomorrow!!
    And yes, thanks to everyone who has posted tips and guidance on the interview process.
  13. does anyone else have an interview for 12pm tomorrow? seems everyone elses is at 8.30am, beginning to think i've been sent the wrong time!! or am i looking for things to worry about? :)
    Great news about strathclyde's intake this year!!
  14. So glad that's over! Hope you all got on ok. Does anyone know how long we'll have to wait until we hear? :)
  15. Hey! I had my interview this morning, I felt it went ok & my two interviewers were lovely! Linda told us that we should hear back over the next 2 weeks! Gill x
  16. Hi Gill,
    Thanks so much for the info! Not too long to wait now. I'm glad your interview went well, time to relax now? (or most likely panic for the next 2 weeks!).
    Laura xo
  17. Hi Laura!!
    It is such a long process, happy to finally be able to relax!! I say I'm going to relax however I know that I'm now going to be hooked to my inbox until I hear!! Fingers & toes crossed its good news for everyone! Gill x
  18. hi,
    I'm honestly not sure how it went! some questions i feel i answered really well and others i felt a little lost! the questions were as i expected really (check earlier posts on this chain), no surprises at all. they asked more than i thought though, maybe 7 or 8 i think! i think we hear in a couple of weeks!

    best of luck!
  19. Hi everyone - just thought I'd ask how everyone felt their interview went? (prob a silly question!) I got asked about 7 or 8 questions too, think I was in there for nearly half an hr! I'm not sure if that's a good or bad sign! The candidate before me was only 10mins. Anyway, good luck everyone! At least we don't have as long a wait as some others have had - think positive! :)
  20. i have no clue how long i was in there for! im trying not to analyse it too much, nothing i can do about it now! I think a lot depends on the overall quality of the interviews and where you place within that. this is going to be a lllong 2 weeks!

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