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Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by Leapmoorlass, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. Hi Ali,
    There were supposed to be 4 or so in a group I think, although you all get interviewed on your own. I'm not sure how many were there in total though, although it was a lot less than the UWS interviews I was at! I am pretty pleased that it's all over but now it's the waiting game! Best of luck with yours tomorrow I hope it goes well :).
    Laura xo
  2. Hi, do you know how long it will be until we hear back from them ?
    Kerri x
  3. Hi Kerri,
    I think the last interview date is the 1st of March so it will definitely be after that. They'll have a lot of applications to go through so maybe a week or two? They did say they would go through them as quckily as possible so hopefully we hear by the middle of March :).
    Laura xo
  4. Great thankyou for the information :)

    Kerri x
  5. This is a bit of a random question but my GTTR status still says "stop". Does everyone elses say that or should mine say now say "interview"? I'm probably searching for things to worry about but thought I'd double check!
  6. Mine still says stop :) I emailed Elaine about it a week or two ago and she said it's totally normal and not to worry. Starting to get really nervous now! Everywhere I go I'm muttering 'confident individuals...effective contributors....' or 'ACTIVE LEARNING' haha, I'm gonna be a gibbering idiot by next week! This is such a daft girly question but I'm probably not the only one thinking it, what is everyone wearing?
  7. Phew, i feel better about that now!
    I'm the same, I know I must be boring the pants off everyone I know...curriculum for excellence this and citizenship this...zzzzzzz
    I was JUST about to ask about what people would be wearing!! hahahaha! I'm going to go shopping this weekend for something new but im thinking smart/casual business dress? I'm going to try and stay away from black and grey though, some colour so I'll stand out!

  8. Lol, I'm the same about muttering and starting to dream about it!! Had a dream last night that I got stuck in a car park and couldn't get to the interview!!
    I went shopping for an outfit last week, like you I was trying to stay away from black and white but couldn't see anything!!! More stress!!!
  9. I'm so glad other people seem to be going a bit mad hahaha. I had a nap this afternoon and woke up suddenly, terrified that I was meant to be in Glasgow, took me a few minutes to calm down... God knows what I'll be like come Wednesday!
  10. iKnowhesecret,Hi Have you had ur interview yet ? was it scary am terrified,

  11. Hi Kerri,
    I know you addressed a different poster but just thought I would give you a wee reply. The interview is a bit nerve wracking, but only because we all want this so much I think. The interviewers are lovely, make you feel so relaxed and really really aren't trying to catch you out with any questions! When is your interview? I hope it goes well for you.
    Laura xo
  12. I'm trying to keep your words in mind about the interviewers being friendly etc as I'm beginning to feel really nervous now! As you say, its hard when you want something so badly! no matter how much I study, I feel like I dont know enough!
  13. When is your interview again, Danielle? I know it is so so hard to relax and keep calm before it, I spent ages going over things in my head! I felt like I hadn't learned enough, and then like I'd learned too much so it was so hard to strike a balance. I ended up investing a lot of my free energy into planning an outfit which helped lots! And since I'm still finishing my degree Uni distracted me a little bit too. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!
    Laura xo
  14. It's this thursday at 12pm Laura. I think I know what I'm wearing (a dress with a blazer) but that could change! Was is really just formal wear like that people had on? What is your degree in? I have been out of uni for 9 years now, it's flown in!
    Thanks! xx
  15. Not too much longer to wait then! Most people were dressed in something similar to that. I wore a dress with a black shrug type thing so pretty formal. My degree is in Genetics, what did you do yours in?
    Laura xo
  16. I did mine in business law and marketing. seems like a long time ago now! aaanyway, back to interview prep! i'll be back on here fri to celebrate or lament, we'll see! xx
  17. Hi , Laura ! Thanks for the information :), my interview is on Thursday at half 8, i just have a dress with a blazer jacket as well, thanks again for the information

    kerri x
  18. How is everyone doing getting ready for Thursday? I'm just concentrating on not going mad now... need this to be over!! hahah :)
  19. I'm swaying between thinking I am totally prepared then feeling like I know nothing and none of my answers are up to scratch! Right now, it's the latter so I'm reviewing (and changing) my answers....again!
    yeah this needs to be over!!
  20. I'm exactly the same, been getting so many people to mock interview me, test me and so on that i think everyone in my life is desperate for it to be Thursday night! What sort of questions have you been prepping for? :)

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